Saturday , June 10 2023

Cups canceled


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Argentine Eminon Salah a new aircraft crashed through a new plane.

Emilioano Salah.

Currently unavailable

Emilioano Salah.


On Sunday afternoon, Cardiff flight flew over the channel channel, about 20 km from the plane crash. Along with the football professional Emililo Zala, the machine is believed to have collapsed on the English channel.

Due to strong winds and bad seashes, the search for more than a few hours of search was stopped. On Tuesday morning, the British ship's helicopters and the Francist Coast Guard resumed.

On the way to the new employer

Must be 2 people including missing machine salah on the board. Last Saturday, the French Premier League team took action against Nandos. He scored 12 goals from 19 matches. Cardiff City to play in the Premier League. Walsh owns a record 17 million euros

Tuesday, Nandas, SSG Cup competition was postponed on Wednesday. The game will probably be formed on Sunday.


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