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Completely new Mazda3 (2019)

The new Masadah 3 has no worldly majesty. In particular, the Japanese launched a new era. "The new Majida 3 show was part of the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018. The compact class is completely redesigned, and in some areas, the innovation leader in cars and carmakers Even Rises.

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Japanese Masta 3 is again trading at 5-doors and sedan. The compact segment has seen quite a small amount of small cars. The 5-wheel model of 4.46 m long is based on a "hand" of last year's study. For both B-Stupid, these two models are similar to the same twins. Width (1.80 m), height (1.44) and wheelbase (2.72 m) are similar. However, the rolls are clearly distributed. Though the hatchback model intends to apply for sports clients, the recruitment of 4.66 meters is more attractive. In front of the barbecue and narrow headlights. Here design is based on CX-5. Side view inspired CX-3 again. Like a small crossrobe, roofline is very sporting. Here, especially the growing C-stupe and short overhuman eyes. At the height of the traditional door handles, they are still being studied, and there is a slight light source of light, which extends to the previous rear fender. When a hatchback in the hatchback model has a roof spider, the sedan relies on a small stab tail in the memory of Alpha Zooia. Of course not a bad model. Strong rear narrow LED taillights are in body fluctuations and fluorescents including flash integral tile pipes. Overall, the new Mazda3 is very sporty at the beginning, the current model.

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Interiors and tools

There is no stone left inside. It begins with high quality material, and does not last for a long horizontal orientation. The cockpit symmetry is now – similar to BMD. With an 8.8 inch color display, the more intuitive operating concept is similar to the MZD infotainment system known from current Masters models. The wide center console gear lever, rounder and push button is behind. Fortunately, the 3-sport sport streaming wheel is not overloaded with many buttons. For device clusters, the masada classic round turfs continue to be related. There is room for a large shelf with electronic handbreading. Positive: The new Mazda3 standard has a comprehensive set of tools. It has features such as "Real" head-up display (windshield projection), Apple carp / Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, and traffic signin recognition board. In addition, live navigation, online connection or high quality sound system is available. The second may be a real recommendation. The new Mazda3 is due to the excellent insulation of the developers.

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Drive: "bezel", hybrid hybrid, four-wheel drive

There are three engine variants, which are self-rearing gasoline engine skiative X highlights. The 6 speed manual gearbox or all-speed engines with 6 speed automatic transmissions (under the emission standard in the Euro 6D-Tem). 122 caps are available in 122 liters, 2.0 lit suwbenziner, 1.8 liter diesel, 116 handset and a production car Skydive-X. This is a gasoline engine that drives itself. It is also known as "biseel" or "deisotto". The new 2.0 L for cylinder supernova engine is a prototype of 190 HP and 230 Nm torque. The final technical details are not revealed yet. Although the engine still has spark plugs, the engine is only used and they are only used under full load to penetrate the gasoline / air mixture. Otherwise the fuel is burned like a diesel engine. Using this technology, Masada wants to bring gasoline (renovated, silent running) and diesel engines (low fuel consumption and strong travel) to a roof. Cylinder deactivity equipped with two simple petrol engines with a simple hybrid system. Optionally, the new Mazda3 is available for the first four-wheel drive. This should bring new customers, particularly in Austria.

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Support systems

The Japanese model follows the active support systems. The newest in Masta 3 is a "front cross traffic alert" which warns when crossing traffic is directed towards a traffic (or leaving a parking lot). Tired consultant depends on an infrared camera that the driver observes and he is being disturbed. (Partially) Autonomous Driving Systems Masada will be widened: On the highway, a new compact class can be freely hiking, speeding and breaking. An ordinary nook airbag and energy-carrying bonnet provide more secure protection. Second, foot care needs to be increased significantly.

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Longest fans are waiting for the new Mazda3. The car will be launched in March 2019. Maruti's sedan in June, versions of the SkyAivo-X engine, optionally the Four Wheel Drive. Pricing, features, different specifications (trunk, performance, fuel consumption, etc.) are not fixed yet. But compact class (golf, astra, focus, lion, A-class, A3, 1, 308, I30, corolla, sed and & nd) need to adjust to a successful opponent.

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