Sunday , May 28 2023

Car manufacturers talk about the big German robot car alliance


According to a media report, big companies in the German car industry speak of an alliance with the autonomous future. So Manager Magazine Auto authors and distributors on Wednesday examined how the computer-controlled car joint venture would be jointly prepared.

Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and distributors Boch and Continental have participated in the discussions. According to the business magazine of the partnership companies, other manufacturers and technology companies should show up. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Days and BMW Development Board member Klaus Flohik are the main drivers.

Automobile companies and boss did not want to comment on the report. BMW and Volkswagen operate on one of the many open platforms.

Considerable investment is required

"Automatic driving technology requires considerable investment, it's a test to prepare for Marse," said Volkswagen. Successful development and development of industry standards and strategic partnership are important. This will reduce costs. "As a leading car makers, we consider joint ventures with other companies in all areas of the world and joint ventures."

A coalition of leading German manufacturers will add big resources. The driverless car is closely related to an electric drive as an important issue of industry, currently investing billions of dollars to explore companies. Developing secure software is expensive and expensive – the competition is very large.

Because car makers and their distributors are US technology companies like Google's sister veto motor or travel service broker or Uber. Both companies are not interested in making cars. But the operating systems of automobiles will be made available – industry experts say that a critical role in future movements.

So far, car manufacturers develop their own system only in small groups. BMW is working with Fiat-Kissler and American chip maker Intel. Daimler Robot Cars are doing research with its distribution boss. Possible cooperation between BMW and DIMler has been reported. Volkswagen wants to work with Ford, the car manufacturer in Volkswagen. (APA / Webdunia)

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