Monday , December 6 2021

Bundesliga: winning the Hannover 96 against VFL Wolfsburg


Just 90 kilometers from Hanover and Wolfsburg. For fans in the 96s, their club, VfLs and Lower Saxony darbis are not capable of building games. From the Hanoverian point of view, this title deserves more conventional armaments in Eintracht Braunschweig.

The DFB Cup was set up by 96 followers in the hashtag # nordebi in social networks ten days before the second round. Winning the cup game Wolfsburg 2: 0. In the eleventh Bundesliga match Hannover made a 2-1 (1-0) home win over the home team.

Lion's mania for half an hour led the team home. It is 19 minutes away from the right half of the river Ehlas Bebo and 13 m from a cross. (31 minutes). This is Mina's first Bundesliga. Hannover had earlier stated that after the intervention of the video assistant Yunus Mallyi withdrew a goal. Yan Girhard holds the ball in his hand.

Both teams will have excellent opportunities

During the break, the host might have emerged, but Benfu failed in two big chances. The VfL player Coion Castles (24 and 35) is ahead of this. The second goal for Hannover was falling when the wolves were at the height of wolves. Maximilian Arnold (51), José Rusesillan (53), Josep Bracelo (54) and Robin Uthappa (55) The precise penalty kick Bebou is certainly made (62.).

Ihlas Bebo


Ihlas Bebo

96 members had not been left to play a lot of opportunities for the opponent, which was excited at the last stage. Marco Fitz's referee of the references to the Mico Albarnos Garhard West Indies' Veteran's wicketkeeper scored his fifth goal of this season (82nd).

Wolfsburg does not need much of this calculation. Guests finally took 19 shots, while 14 were in the penalty area of ​​the opponent. 96-mile Michael Esser (90 + 1) has the best chance of staring at the Bruewell time. Not sooner, when Bebo scored the opportunity to score (90 + 3).

Despite success, Hannover ranks in the rankings. But the distance to the direct points extended to four points and retained it 15 times. VFL is in the middle of the tournament. Mons, Leverkusen, Shalke, and Nurbberg will be dismissed after the fifth defeat in the season.

Hannover 96 – VfL Wolfsburg 2: 1 (1: 0)
1: 0 Menea (31)
2: 0 Bebo (penalty, 62.)
2: 1 speedster (punishment, 82)
Hannover: Essar – Corb, Anton, Ellis, Astrossock – Wallace – Bebo, Bekalorz – Bazi (70, Alarnornos), Maine (74 Waistand) – Wood (87th Haracuchi)
Wolfsburg: Raisillon – Arnold – Gerhard, Rexbecacka (46) Yello – Malli – Gingzec (46 Bravo), Wagost
Viewers: 35.800
Referee: Marco Fits
Yellow cards: Anton, Oral Slok, Wallace / William, Brooks

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