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Bose Express – ROUNDUP / MM & # 39;: Two board members ProSiebenSat.1 turned their backs


Media Company ProSiebenSat.1
A report has been lost as two excellent managers say.
CFO Jan Kemper, Marketing Director, Sabine Ekhard
Get out of the group as "Manager Magazine" (MM)
The insider had reported on Tuesday. The intact is hers
Do not become Kemper by renewing the contract at the end of the year
Retired from the few countries. Media Company initially asked
Do not say no. News Investors shocked At that time
Stock Exchange's shares fell by nearly five per cent.

On the basis of a magazine, a dispute is criticized by top managers
Listen, the two leafbands! Production Board in January
By the end of the month,
Do not want to extend the expiration of the expiration date. This continues
The current board of the current CEO Max Cons
Deputy chairman Conrad Albert.

Last year's only dominated by the Consensus ProSiebenSat.1
Accepted. Former Manager of Vacuum Cleaner, Dyson
TV The company has suffered loss of advertising revenue
It focuses more on the digital field and the local area
Generate content for its platforms. With that he went out
120 million euros in investment.

TV last year Investors were in the station
The bad news wondered. Just before the numbers are introduced
In the third quarter, ProSiebenSat.1 lowered its target
Dividend cut. At that time, stock was over 17%
Shrunk. November, Capital Market Capital, Inc.
Then, "there will not be any bad wonders."
The company demands the full access to 2018 by March 7
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