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Baytone: Hummels giving kovil receiving exploitation – BVB



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11.11.2018 to 10:22 clock

Dortmund was substituted by match hammers against Bayern.

Dortmund was substituted by match hammers against Bayern.

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Dartmund. It was a night with Mats Hammels in the previous club. In the game above Dort has been against Baron Make a patch for record champions.

Munich dominated the first half. But finally the coach Nico Kokkak left the team unoccupied.

Dortmund – Bayern: Harmals are sick

After the game, Mets Hummels was self-determining. "I normally live on the idea that I will be able to finish, but I am wrong in both situations," Bayern said in defense.

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But Hummels has a description ready. "I have been sick today," said former BVB professional camera and said: "It was very bad."

Komuk Hammel's know about the handicap

When asked about Nico Kovac's illness, Sky Reporter asked Patrick Wasserghir, "The head of the international head said." In the meantime, Coach reiterated his problems.

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"Hummels complained when it was all over my head," he said. Bayern Coach responded only in the 65th minute. Hammel's replacement was in the Nimles Sulek Field.

Matthew: "You must have eleven soldiers in the field"

Lothar could not understand Mathews: "Kovac knew about weakness, I was surprised," said the ski expert.

"There should be eleven warriors that you can fully capture in such a game," Mathews said.

It is only two minutes after the seul is cold and cool. BVB scored six minutes in the double strike. Here you can see the game play Dort has been against Baron Read the live ticker >>>

Oats are criticizing Mats Hummels

Humbells subsequently agreed to the former Bayern Actor Oliver Kahn. Mats Hammals, who recently released from the last whistle on "Current Sports Studios," said: "Before all, I'm standing up as a player and I'm sick or something-I'm not fond of anyone."

Still, I could say: "Yesterday I was sick and I'm sorry, I'm not working there, it does not work, but there you see it does not look one or the other in the head."

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