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Bayern's win against Benfica's Creation Management

Seven clubs have booked sixteen tickets on Tuesday in the Football Champions League. Real Madrid, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Ajax Amster, Manchester City, Juveniles and Manchester United are the knockout stadiums.

See results from Bernine Munich

Defeated Roy Row 2-0, and made the first place in Group G. It was second only to Victorian Pillson 1: 2. Manchester City wins 2-2 in Olympic Leon in Pool F Benjamin Lisbon and Ajax Amsterdam have defeated Bayern 5: 1 against Valencia (1: 0 against Valencia) and Manchester United (2 against) against AEK Athens against Young Bons.

He worked in Munich Group E against the crisis management of Portugal, the crisis management. In the 14th minute Arjun Roban made a spectacle in the 14th minute. The Dutch took 2 sets in 30 minutes after an opponent.

Bayern's next two goals, David Lauwardowski, were dismissed for 36 minutes and 51 minutes. Frank Riebri (76), assisted appacha. The Garden's Garden Fernandes (46) won a beauty contest.

Wöber is using the Ajax

Even the mussels were even better able to give even courage to Maximilian Volleyball. Ajax was at 2-0 in the previous Rapids Athens. The Dutch star for the Dutch team in Dutch (68./Elfmeter, 72). In the 68th minute, AEK was professional yellow livaja with a yellow red.

In a successful Pool 2 with a 2-0 margin. Real Madrid, Gareth Ball (47th) and Luke Wanewis (59th) are second and third respectively. Wellsmann's own advantage was a big mistake. Karim Benzmak earned a second goal to charge a cross.

Dussen Tady and his colleagues are happy about the success of AEK.


In Moscow, Moscow defeated the CCA against Victorian Pilsen. Many opportunities have been spent. Lukas eventually surrendered to Heedge, 81. Prior to this, Nikola Wallace (10) received a penalty for Czechs and Roman Prosecution (56). In the 44th minute, Prozaska lost it.

Group Awards Juvetus Wallaceia promoted their own audience against promotion. In the 59th minute after Mariano Manzukic won the gold medal after Cristiano Ronaldo's preliminary examination. When Marvinen Flellini scored a goal at Old Trafford in the Masters University, he beat Manchester United (1: 0) at 1: 0 by Young Bose Burner (instead of Thorsten Shaw).

The English champion was self-destructive

Manchester City is ranked 16th. In the group stage, Josep Guardiola's team defeated Leon in 2-2. The English champion has been stronger than the last few weeks. Luckily, there is no clarity behind the break.

In the 55th minute, the Frenchman, who took the break from Maxwell Corner, moved Franklin from Airlar Laprette (62 & nbsp; Corner (81) and 2 minutes 2 minutes 2: 2 was the head of Aguorro responsible for 2: 2. "Citizens" has won eight games in the past. This is their previous defeat in the season. In mid-September, Lyon defeated the home 1: 2.

In addition to the French, Schachter won Hoffenheim 3: 2. Andrej Kramarik (17th), Steven Zuber (40th), Ismaili (14th) and Tayson (15, 92) were the top scorer in the tournament. In the last 16 days, the Ukrainians conquered Lyon at home. Hofhim flurried in the 84th minute due to injuries to fluorine grillits. His colleague Stephen was sitting on the bench. (APA)

Before the enthusiasm of the stadium, AEK fans attacked Ajax activists, who jumped in the fire.


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