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Bat: Security Crisis Session |


Bat: Security Crisis Session

Vienna. A security official with a neo-Nazi relationship worked at the U-Committee.

Bat: Security Crisis Session

Chairperson Doris Buraus Picture:

Today's discussion will discuss how the right-wing security services of the right-wing security forces linked to the new Nazi armed forces are being discussed in the BVT inquiry committee. A meeting was convened by Chair Doris Bougers (SP) to discuss how to proceed. An ex-security company employee has been a security guard for a month. The security person's safety check has been shifted within weeks of the Home Ministry and the Parliamentary Directorate. National Council President Wolfgang Softrock (VP) has announced a separate president to discuss "how to prevent such a situation in the future". Bureaus of the leadership and current judge of the current information wants to discuss. "When the man was on duty, the bomb commission had to inform immediately, that interview was interviewed, and he had come to the media room," says Buraus. Samajwadi Party leader Jan Kranir demanded that foreign foreign officials be deployed in "more and more sensitive areas of public safety". After the recession, Neo's mandarari asked Stephen Krypper. Peter Paws (Tablet Mushroom) talked about a "security downturn". The FP group's senior leader Hans-George will be in agreement with Jenny's external security company.

The next meeting of the bat committee of inquiry was on November 27th. Interior Ministry Herbert Kick and General Secretary Michael Carrteis have been invited.

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