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"Bare for Rears" in ZDF: Recording Care for Treader is crying – Lawyer's purchase of text is invalid – Panorama

Beers for Reds: Reds Records: Trader's Deal After Unauthorized Acquisition – Explaining Purchasing Advocate

This is the beers for reeds

Among the most popular loudspeakers on German television: The ZDF program "Birds for Rays".

Show description

This is a televised moment that you probably will not forget immediately. A real piece "Buy riers"story.

"I do not know what to say, it's a part of waiting for his life where a merchant is opening his heart, and it's almost a needle in a haystack I've been here at night, I'm incredibly happy with joy,Buy riers"Träser Susan Steiger is the end of the evening edition of the SDF junk show, her eyes have tears and she does not understand what has happened.

But Junk, who bought it on that day, was 36 years old. On the other hand. The best seller,Buy riers"Wandered.

"Riers for Rears" in SDF: Suzanne has given a steagovir record price

Suzanne Steiger has to pay € 42,000. 40,000 carrot diamonds are not important value, 42,000 euros a diamond-coated cross.

Because the Cross has an inner life, the lecci and the intermediary in the negotiations to kiss expensive ornaments.


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The cross has value of a small mosque

The cross from the seventeenth century. A remnant. Inside the Cross there were three pieces from Jesus' cross. A part of the valuable price.


This is the "bairs of rays":

  • Since 2013 this event is working on the ZDF
  • From start to date the display list is handled
  • First, the program was conducted at SDFC's division program
  • Since 2015, Rares for Bares works in the main program
  • The program runs from Monday to Friday at 15 o'clock


Stephane, however, inherited from the Anne's cross, accepted it as an old lady, and they always wanted to go to church and sell it.

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There are about 60,000 to 80,000 euros

She had an expert examination of herself: "That's amazing," she said. The net worth is between € 15,000 to € 17,000. From real value can buy a small church, so "Rares for Bares" expert. Finally, the value of the cross is between € 60,000 to € 80,000.

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The dealers knew it was not enough. Yet Stephanie is 42,000 euros.

Designer Steagger is completely cheaper. After the broadcast, he said he was ready to sell for expensive cross-selling. Even though two other interested parties have reported earlier, they think of passing the cross over to a museum. "The interested people can see that," they reported the newspaper.

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Prosecutions for "Reese Bees"

But after the generous gesture of the buyer, the accusers of the voice of the voice raise their voice.

Many fans had said that Facebook did not send the creators of "Barez for Rares" to an alleged author's house. The fans said they would be able to earn more than € 42,000 distributed at the end of Suzanne Steiger.

"Rares for Rares" responded: "Like all salesmen, Brentore's sales staff are often reminded by editors of the Barres Fur Rurres that they decide to sell the sale and there is no reason to suspect that they are not aware of the price they sell without knowing the price of the cross."

The lawyer is considered unlawful purchases

However, in this case it will not be so important, according to advocate Friedman Unger. He thinks price control is illegal, referring to paragraph 138. "It's unusual and empty, especially, legal exploitation, exploitation, exploitation, inadequacy, and the weakness of the performance of another person or third party, and offer or offer financial benefits in the promotion."

In this case the expert, notably the expert, is not guided. "I saw this program and did not hear it," the lawyer said.

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