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An increase in HIV diagnoses in tire: "Who knows?

Within a short time, the number of new HIV diagnoses increased in Tierro – from 33 to 46 in the last year. Infections with Hepatitis B and C are also increasing. These days, "European HIV / Hepatitis Test Weeks" will be held for the sixth time, Tyrollin Aid advises that they have tested themselves.

Because people who do not know HIV-positive are having 50% new infections, "says head of the counseling center Lydia Dormardsky. Reduce the inhibition limit for a test. To prevent it from infecting the virus, 900 people in front of the tier are listed.

Hepatitis C now cures, and HIV has lost much of its horror through an infectious disease therapy. A dark side. Syphilis and syphilis will again widen, the infections will rapidly increase, and sometimes the reductions in sexual intercourse with some contraceptive springs are lower, because fritz believes all. "The classic, almost totally destructive diseases are now celebrating a revival," says Tyrol AIDS's psychiatrist: "Again, who knows about his infections?

In childhood and adolescence, now you need to know about sex and physical illness. Thierry Aids-Hilf is now conducting a survey in schools to see where the preventive measures are available for children. Out of the results of surveys up to 2020, 77 percent of the students surveyed in 201 are the most important sources of their school education. (Book)

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