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American football news – Karelis Panther is escaping

Kiel Pantar is empty

Pants (in water)Phantar is vacated in the fourth game of 2019. A rising star in the Baltic Cyclone, Dusseldorf Panther, defeated 17:37 (0: 0, 3:15, 0: 8, 14:14). "We are also surprised that we have lost the internal turnover game," said Pantherhead coach John Legendon.

In the first quarter, the sad guys

The second deckdedorf takes the first touch of a hurricane after Keel Placemaker Jacques Parchchia to recharge to the HomeSite in the Duesseldorf End Zone. Immediately after Penn's first mistake, Queen's Louis Müller bowled over in the queue of Christian Queen. It was the best start for the player Jack Purichia.

If the defense becomes worse, it is after one

Pantheer RB Qhis lost the Francis ball. Following the loss of Panther, Kells expanded the RB Julian Amplus cyclone. The two points were converted and the game was a good game, but two touchdowns and 15 points behind it.

The next drive of the pants led to later points

Big cats. Before the end of Hurricane Katrina, Daniel was abducted

Football is used safely through the Shekakar Cable Road.

Later, Keeler misunderstood. Firjoff Richter, Julian Ampa (30), started kyle bowler scores two times. First, Kris Francis, who brought Kick in the last of Hazrins's kick, also trained Felix Manoza at 17:30 and trained the team's coach John Liegen back to Boldach. The next player was made by Daniel Schoacchar

Jacob Edmerman had not caught up with the ball.

With the 28-yard run of Pantar End Zone, this small shoot and good field position, Panthers did not get a crown. "I can point out that without a start and deteriorating start, other players were injured and we could replace them, and we can play with this player at the moment," Laiten says.


kiel Baltic Hurricanes – Duelsdorf Panther 37:17 (0: 0, 15: 3, 8: 0, 14:14)

1776 viewers

Jake Fourier 1-yard run.

Benedict Engelman is at extra point 7: 0

13: 0 Juliannamesa 1 yard run.

15: 0 Laakas Redder Conversion Pack Jack Manchu

15: 3 goal of Daniel Schumacher's 22 goals

23: 3 freioboff rider and 4-yard run

25: 3 Daniel Reinhard Pass by Benedict Engelsman

29: 3 Julianne Amp 34 km

30: 3 Benedict Engelmann's extra point

30: 9 Khays Francis 78-yard kickoff return

30:10 Daniel Schumacher is an extra point

Felix Manoque, 21 miles from Christian Strang

Daniel Schumacher is an extra point

Juan Hanoi is 25 square feet

Benedict Engelmann's extra point

Gogensens – 27.05.2019

Pants (in water)

Do not draw back for panther (in white) (Panther / Mark Seafiltt)

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