Friday , January 27 2023

Altouch coach Pastor “tired” after 0: 4 – SCR Altouch


Pastor is nearing the end of his life.

Pastor is nearing the end of his life.

Altach coach Alex Pastour seems to be at the end of his game. “Disappointment is not a big deal,” the Dutchman said in an interview with Sky on Saturday evening after SKN’s 4-0 home defeat to St Paulton, whose team had been relegated to the Bundesliga. Now he is tired and Pastor has stated many times that he wants to replace his entire team.

Altach. Six unbeaten matches, four weeks before 0-0 in the home game against Vienna and Austria, and 367 minutes without a goal in the league are clear evidence of how weak Altouch are currently. Even in the second round of the Cup, SCR lost 2-1 in the fourth division Vienna a week and a half ago. Still, Pastor treated his team ruthlessly and talked about a poor performance that would have brought down the entire club of players. But now he went one step further.

“Very few answers”

“We ask ourselves a lot of questions, but there are very few answers. If you start a game like this, it still works. But when I look at how to deal with an injured person – it’s happened before. The yellow-red card has happened many times. It does not mean we have to stop playing football. I’m tired of everyone playing on their own, and after the yellow – red card, the player told me about the injury of defender Anderson in the 10th minute against ten individuals and that Nosa Edokpolar missed in the 36th minute.

“I’m tired of personal mistakes,” Pastor added, adding that he was “reasonably satisfied” with his performance in the “last 10 or 15 minutes before half time.” His team “would at least try to play well with the ball. But these personal mistakes are not possible. You can not defend yourself against it, you can train, discuss, do video analysis, and my mouth is full of meetings and video analysis,” the 54-year-old confirmed.

Lack of confidence

He certainly knew that his team had not gone into the game with much confidence since the recent Negative series. “But when it’s clear how we play (…) we have to be hot on the second ball – it’s not happening. And when we have the second ball we hit it forward – either I think my German week is too bad, or the assistant coach is too bad, but we’re on a different track,” Pastor Said.

After the deficit, he said, “Then faith is declining, isn’t that irrational? They are just people, but I do not understand that they are going to war like sheep,” and the lack of attitude of his professionals annoyed him as he had done against Vienna.

“An entire team cannot be replaced”

When asked how much hope he still has for the last two games of this year – a week after his new promotion to Ride next Saturday from Hartberg on December 19 – Pastour’s response was: , That too is enzymes. But let’s think again. This is something you will never think about, but why not.

He knows his players have a lot going for them, and they “have shown it more times”. “But football is not just the sun on your face and the wind behind you, it’s like today – rain, cold, setbacks. If you handle it that way, I know how the last two games are going.” It will be interesting to see how the club management reacts to Pastor’s relentless accounting.

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