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AI is only 13% of Austrian companies


An international study on the artificial intelligence issue of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has to be done urgently in Austria. According to the BCG AII pioneer, China.

Digitalization of the Austrian economy is still incredibly progressive. BMW's Digital Droiser 2018 provides only half of digital technology considering their own business model (brutkasten can report). A study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and a subsidiary BCG Gamma has shown a similar picture of the importance of artificial intelligence to the Austrian economy. Only 13% of all radio companies use specialized radio applications. BCG Gamma Reports "Mind (Ai) Gap: Leadership Makes Difference". In addition, below the half of the Austrian companies (42%), the AI ​​will actively handle the topic.

+++ "Digital Dosger 2018": Capture large digital captures for SMSes +++

In China there is a trans-history study

2,700 managers are participating in the BCG Gamma Report Germany, China, France, Japan, Austria, Switzerland and the USA asked about the AI ​​strategy of their companies. France and France lead the survey. According to BCG, 49 percent of companies in both countries share AAI. Austria is 42% behind in Japan and 39% in Japan. However, in international terms, China is a full-pioneer. According to BCG, nine companies have been actively participating in 10 companies. In addition, the third Chinese company will use AI for its product or service.


(C) BCG: China has been identified as an interdisciplinary study of AI

"Companies in China are gaining momentum for companies with relatively small and industrialized industries." In the adult economies and the more developed industries, companies are slow about renewal, BCG GAM German BCG partner and George chief executive Jorg Elllebak said.


Visa, BCG, BCG partner and pankaliyumaya lukas Haider, sees the need for a process to review and, based on this: "If you want to AI Technology of Austria, the competition, and now is an emergency. Are very aggressive in all areas of financial services in the areas of economic growth in the future pratikannalileannan AI." In addition, Austria Ste Active AI players to have a comparison reveals the industry. However, this is good for household companies in the energy industries like technology companies, media and telecommunication industries. According to BCG, more than two thirds of all companies in this sector have been identified as AIG.

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