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18 Crimes – Serial robbery in the Burgland, Naipong


The serial robber was a 42-year-old Burgenland in a bag full of stolen goods. Since Luggett was suspicious, policemen were taken off the train during a check-up at Am Sai District in Newcastle. Investigators are now accused of robbery and robberies in Vinise and Burgenland.

They found that 42-year-old officers in the passenger train from Pama to Kitto were restricted to him, with whom he had guns, cordless trimmers and other devices. A packed bag was prepared. As a result, the man was arrested.

Investigations revealed that robber was responsible for cellular compartments and burglars and cyclist robbery. The burden of drug abuse, the stolen goods, the use of foreign ID cards. Police calculate the numbers in a five-digit area.

The suspect said his drugs would be used by robbers for slavery and financial livelihood. Slovak was brought to Winners jail.

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