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We want poison cancer


One person with a positive test tests may be referred to as 1 patient in a colonocopic body, thus getting one in 30 days.

Many people have gone private when contacting their local public hospital and finding that they are suffering more than 30 days before a cancer. Not everyone can afford this choice.

A few years ago, the advice from the Department of Health and Health in Victoria took a 30 days course from a waiting list for a Colposcope. As a result, it is normal to "wait for the waiting list".

The federal government is spending for colonoscopic examination, which undertakes a positive medical screening test, which still functions in small colonoscopes, even when the program is developed.

Report the results of the state in the overall form, including data on the waiting time.

It is very less and scrutinizing how long you wait for the Colosseum in Victoria for publicly and publicly.

Recently, DHHS colonies do not manage waiting lists until 2018. Lists waiting for colonoscopy manage public hospitals, not in a permanent form. In small and local hospitals, lists waiting for colonoscopy are often externally kept in surrogates.

The lack of oversight is a reason why some people are lost and waited in the system.


In Victoria, developments – unexpected happenings happening to a patient in health or death – should be reported.

Two of the 72 cinemas reported in Victoria between 2016-17 were waiting for the long-term colonos.

The first patient who had a demonstration with a "sine" had to wait a colonnogo for 30 days because of "a mistake with list processes waiting". The patient correctly treated. "But administrative error was allowed to withdraw the emergency action." Zaffer Care Victoria Report "The Disease Disease Caused A Critical Diagnosis and Treatment."

When this was found, a test waiter was waiting for more time in the hospital, which included the second trial incident.


It is unclear whether one of these patients is dead or not. I asked the question but no answer was allowed.

Last year's Victorian government figures I received from hospitals are more than just waiting for months for many patients waiting for a colposcopy.

Do not know the signs of muscle cancer, and the risk of dysentia is often delayed. This is the most deadly cancer in Australia. 90% of the cases are treated and treated earlier.

This disease diagnoses a disease affected colonoscopy. Cancer helps to remove the baby from cancer before removing the carcinogen. Delay in colonies, and scrutiny which makes this possible, is a way to save lives.

That's why the Cancer Australia is running public health care facilities for the public.

Hence, thanks for the first national campaign of improvements in Gregg Hunt, Greek Hunt, Screening Test. Daniel Andrews lists waiting for Victoria's Colossoscope to start public opinion and to fund it as much as they want.

Margaret Fitzbert is a former liberal member of the Victorian parliament.

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