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The study found that the oceanic amorphications threaten coral reefs

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The future of coral reefs in the study conducted by the University of Western Australia found that coral reefs that are incompatible with the conditions appear to be a threat to the acidity of the ocean.

Published study today Natural climate changeCoral reefs have been determined to search for chemistry in the coral waters of the coral reefs and to make the asylum in the ocean.

ARC Prize from UWA's Oceanchers, co-professor, prof. Malcolm McCullock said that a year-long examination examined four types of coral reefs and two types of aligos.

"We realized that coral reefs and fried algae could not be obliterated into the axis of the ocean," said Professor McCullough.

"Within a year of experimental conditions, the effects of acid calculation were rapidly calcifying the liquid.

"There were two corpses that resisted the Marine Assisi, but the two sensitive flags were initially affected and could not be assimilated.

Two types of species were used to combat two different types of plant species: Immunity to the Acidification of the Ocean. "

In France, Dr. Soros, author of the CNRS Laboratory D Viscangradi de Wilfranche Sir Mer, University of Sorbonne, Steve Kameau said.

He said the impact of sea water pollution is likely to occur in the competition between fishes, and that the risk of environmental impact of rifts will be adversely affected.

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