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The RP's world of OPPO has changed


This ohm-competitive and fast switching smartphone marketplace, a series of well-defined definitions and a great deal of waiting for your fans throughout the year is not easy. One of the most popular smartphone line-loops tested is OPPO R series. The smartphone market has seen a great deal of design and great camera experience in the industry.


Since the launch of OPPO R1 in 2013, the company is difficult to see differently. The first generation of R series phones that bring color and glass gradients. With the launch of smartphones similar to silver, gold and rose gold, OPPO R9 was introduced by the Metallic Red Back in 2019. Red and Blue Mix Special Barsongona FC They followed suit. Ars 11 initiated crescent curved designs. Ruby 15 introduced Ruby Red, Cosmic Purple Gradient Colors.

Who's in the series. This has helped to bring the best mid-range smartphones of photography. In 2013 again, an F / 2.0 aperture lens was introduced. The first phones with dual 20 MP camera of RP1 R1. The OPPRO series is back to India this month, so how do we get off the memory line and look at the OPPO R-series smartphones? Let's start!



As mentioned earlier, the 8 MP with a F1 / 2.0 aperture The first camera using the camera was R1. In 2013, the range of mid-range smartphones began to sound plentiful in low light. OPPO challenged to change it using R1. By mid-2014, the phone was launched in India.


The OPPO R3 stands for its smooth designs. With just 6.3 mm thick and magnesium alloy body, it stood among its classmates. In fact, it was the best 4G smartphone ever released in 2014. The cameras continued to be highlighted with 1 / 3.2 inch sensor, 1.4 micron pixels, and a large f / 2.0 absorber. It shipped with a special night shot feature. Regrettably, the phone has not made it on Indian shores.



At the end of the year, OPPO launched a 4.85 mm thick smartphone and shocked the world. One of the first love around the world may be in the interest of the series. It is powered by Snapdragon 615 processor. It has a 5.2-inch display. VOOC-mini-fast charging technology used 75% in 30 minutes. OPPO R5 launched in India in December 2014


While the R5's good press continues, OPPO has helped arrange the world using R7 series in 2015. The company introduced three variants: R7, R7 Plus and R7 Lite. R7 is one of the first smartphones to be loaded with loaded rubber. The display is connected to HD from FHD. The larger R7 Plus is a large 4,100 mAh battery and supports VOOC fast charging. It was one of the first mid-range smartphones to be played with a fingerprint scanner. Though R7 did not reach India, the company introduced R7 Plus and R7 Lite.



According to Counterpoint and Strategy Analytics, the Consumer Research Institute is one of the best-selling products of OPPO R9 globally in 2016. In fact, the OPPO acquired iPhone 6 in China with Apple. In 2016. Accordingly, company R9 and R9 introduced cameras by Plus. R 9 is sold globally with 8.9 million units globally.


In 2017 OPPO R11 and R11 Plus were launched in 2017. According to Counterpoint Research, the best-selling Android smartphone in 2017 was OPPO R11. Portrait mode offered R11 dual camera setup. Riyaz Plus is powered by a 6-inch FHD screen and a 4000 mAh battery. They were one of the Schapdragon 660 processor smartphones. Unfortunately, we could never see the R11 series.



OPPO R13 is eliminated (13 th Number of Bad Resistance, which you see) launched on 15th this year. It is notorious for the critically acclaimed MadeTech's Helio P60 processor and the Android એસ 8.1 અલા. Glass again protected Corner Gorilla glass. Snow White, Hot Red, Star Purple – Three cool color options. The second place in the year 2018 was the OPP R15, the most popular smartphone in China. It was also introduced in some global markets.


Now, in November 2018, the OP series is ready to recover the series. The company has the R17, R17 Pro, R17 Neo smartphones, and any variant that comes to India is not exactly sure. There are three rear camera sensors that connect to the variable aperture, in-display fingerprint sensor and Super VUOS fast charging technology (10V / 5A). It will last more than half an hour and will be the latest Snapdragon 710 processor. Wait for sure!

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