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The ancient cave stripes represent the stars

Scientists say that the symbols of some ancient caves and animals represent the constellation of stars.

New research suggests that 40,000 years ago, humans had a complex understanding of the stars.

See how the stars in the night sky change slowly and keep track of the time.

The gradual variation of the Earth's phenomenon is due to the phenomenon known as the Prism of the Origin.

Thousands of years ago the ancient Greeks discovered its discovery.

According to researchers, the caves looked at artists to mark important events such as comet strikes.

"Early in the cave shows that people in the night sky have knowledge about the sky, today they were not different for us," Drinks of Studies in the University of Edinburgh said. Martin said Sweetheart.

Edinburgh and Kent University teams learned about the neolithic caves in Paliolith, Talia, Spain, France, and Germany.

In the caves' walls, the symbols of double beast animals were fun and fun.

When the paintings were created, computer software was used to predict the position of the stars.

The result is an indication of the formation of star formation as part of the formation of chemical images that look like abstract images of animals.

Scientists claim that caves were used over time on an astronomical basis on all sites.

This is because the paintings have been separated for thousands of years.

Lion Man in the Hoehlstine-Stadelal cave in Germany and a 40,000 year old ivory carpentry have been found to support the theory of martial arts.

Writing in Athens Journalist in History, Researchers have an ancient monument from Goyzali Teep to the temptation of the Turks, their key to unlocking the "Rosetta Stone" – Zodiac Coke.

This was to recall a shocking impact of 11,000 years ago in North America. This period of sudden climate cooling spawned the Little Ice Age throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

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