Friday , March 24 2023

Tech trail on Wall Street


The dollar drop in defrences is anxious. Yen of Japan lost $ 115 with the support of revival of the financial meltdown of the Italian financial crisis, and receives a secure and affirmative auction. Of course, the Australian dollar and New Zealand bounced back to 0.7290 and 0.6840, respectively.

Risk factors: The US Dollar Index is threatening to withdraw short-term winter line support. It is clear that this helps the gold price. The price of a safe plane is $ 1224 an ounce per ounce of yellow metal. Calling a topping for a greenback is a lot of fun. If it continues to be in this level, it will return to the surplus dollar.

Now what's happening now is, however, the merchants are more shameless, guessing the start of the "slow global growth" narrative in 2019. The APEC summit will roll out this as well as the dirty surroundings around the breadth. In the end, they believed that the rule of federal rule must be enough.

4. It's federal, foolish! Federal Bank will announce revised rates from next month onwards. The interest rate for next two months will be 65 per cent in February. In 2019, $ 2 will be paid. It's added a bit more in their draw plots. 2020. The higher the trend will be to increase the intersection between the predictions of policy makers and the difference between market participants. Inflation and inflation still persist.

There are few important indications to control inflation, create wage pressure, higher prices from tariffs and the consequences of the financial tranquility of the tram (now). If inflation is to rise, instead of raising interest rates and raising rates, federal agencies will not be guided.

5. Corporate debt? In the current scenario, this situation is a concern for traders, especially those that give heat on the global market. There will be massive US corporate debt and financial crisis. Credit spread is widely followed by the major stock exchange after October. In fact, investment grade credit and junk bonds are both, diversification is very fast.

The focus is on credit risk, and the broader consequences of the more expensive liabilities of corporates, and the long-term clock rate translates into future refinancing expenditures. In fact, this is the beginning of the topic. But if it continues to be uncontrollable, it will only begin selling in global shares – the worst.

6. Pain for Asian stocks: This is one of the most tragic circumstances. You must be sure that you can play it. However, when one day of trading weekends, there are issues finding equity friends. The volatile futures prices in the US market – the Asian equity market is generally worse off, and China's markets are not bad, but everywhere left.

ASX 200 definitely got worried. However, Nikkei was up 0.65%, Hang Seng 0.72%, CSI 300 1.13%. The lack of information was supported by the lack of information from the APEC summit's frustration in the current sphere.

Australia Today: Another day with a famine of Shafi's financial data, RBA Minutes highlighted in the morning. SXi futures ASX200 points the 9-point drop open. The other thing was just a cheap equity issue today. Seaters from the market have been sold, investors, trading within the thinnest limits and their impact on equities. The Story of a Day – It was represented in the trading volumes – the latest chapter of the Financial Services Royal Commission.

The 15-point gain from the Financial Sector Index was 15% higher than the average. For mainstream support, in the management of ASMS200, at the bottom of the ASX200, which opened at 5700, the indicated indicators were more than the RSI proposal was impossible.

8. Market Watch

SPI futures fell by 17 points, or 0.3% to 5674

From AUD -0.6% to 72.90 US Cent

On Wall Street at 3.48: Dow -1.8% S & P 500 -1.5% Nastak -3.1%

In New York, BHP -0.3% Rio + 0.6% Atlania-8.7%

FANGs: Facebook -5.2% Amazon-4.2% Apple -3.6% Netflix -5% Alphabet -3.4%

In Europe: Stoxx 50 -0.6% FTSE -0.2% CAC -0.8% DAX -0.9%

Sponsor Gold + 0.1% to 1224.35 US dollars at 2.50pm in New York

Brent Crude is a barrel of $ 6.6- $ US66.38

US Oil ranged from + 0.3% to US $ 56.62

Iron ore production was down 1.1 percent to 76.11 dollars a tonne

Diamond iron ore

The LMI aluminum accounted for 1934 tons of US dollars from 0.3%

LME Copper + 0.9% to $ US6259

2 years income: 2.78% Australia 2.04%

5 years revenue: US 2.86% Australia 2.24%

10 yrs yield: USA 3.05% Australia 2.66% Germany 0.37% UK 1.37% Italy 3.59%

6.30am AEDT: US-Australia with a base position of 39 years

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