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Sydney Weather: Metro canceled flight from Sharjah to Sharatpur

It's sad for those who are trying to go to Sydney. Dozens of planes are being canceled from the Tulloverary Airport in Melbourne.

Sidney rains in one hour This was the worst November period in the city in 44 years.

Dozens of flights from Melbourne to Sydney have been canceled today.

Roads, airport white weather lashes sidney

Asked how much flight cancellation and delay would continue, Mellon said at the airport, "We expect to come out every single day until we are able to catch Sydney."

They asked passengers to check the flight status of the airline.

media_cameraFlood in Alexandria in the suburbs of Sydney. Picture: Distribution.
media_cameraWhen you stumble over the thunder in Levisham, in the west of Sydney, strive against the house. Picture: Nicholas Sagar
media_cameraSidney Airport has heavy rainfall. Picture: Channel 9 News

Sidney Airport opened, but 130 foreign flights were canceled.

Airport spokesperson Keith Tinean said that airlines are making decisions on delays.

Sydney has an average monthly revenue of 84 mm, but it has been recorded in many places this morning.

The storms that hurt the wind are losing thousands of people, causing problems for drivers and public transportation.

The state government has detected 12 people from the flood victims.

One person was killed in the accident and two policemen were injured.

Heavy rains are expected to continue today. It is believed that there will be heavy rains till Thursday.

For realtime coverage, check the Daily Telegraph.


media_cameraThe car is roaming through floods in Levisham. Photo: (AAP picture / dean livins

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