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Study shows that elderly elderly people are healthier than elderly

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According to new research, women have poor health than women in their gestures and are now experiencing sex in their lives.

Why scientists are more concerned about aging than elderly women? Men who are older than men in men (a male-female, health-existence paradox ").

Answer: According to the Exeter University of the University, the answer is "sexual encounters and intimidation of everyone else.

Researchers used mathematical models and experimental data from researchers that such researchers research the woman after restructuring.

"Shareed genes involve women in an evolution of an evolution," said Professor David Hossein of Exeter University.

"Each woman chooses to elect women and men in every direction, but the sex that she shares can have sexual intercourse.

"Basically, some genes create a good man, but a bad woman and vice versa.

"However, after menopause, it will no longer be recreated to recreate in their births, that is, the reproduction of women is very weak.

"Thereafter, even if the female fitness was harmed by any genes that improved sexual abilities."

Professor Hussek also said that survival and health are not the same and that male-to-male male benefit genes with disabilities for repeated recurrence of female disability are being collected.

Experimental data of bees (Drosophila) Supported the findings of mathematicians of mathematicians. Reproduction of young boys living too quickly became worse for women.

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More info:
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Journal Reference:
Nature Communications

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Exeter University

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