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Stroke of phenomena: The main reasons for drug adolescence are to target



Picture: Doctor of Centauri Institute Jaysung Peter Choi and Dr. Siangjian Sheung.
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Credit: The Century Institute

The researchers at the Center for Cervical Cancer, who are now used to treat cancer, are stroke's most common cause among young adults.

Cerebral cavernous disorders occur when the clusters are formed when the blood and the abnormal and inadequate blood vessels are formed. Blood circulation changes This condition applies to 1-in-200 people, bleeding, epilepsy, and stroke.

Most of the CCM do not know about the unknown genetic disorders. Moreover, the brain mig Only in their brain conditions – for example, a setback to the head. Only other patients will find their condition after experiencing drugs or stroke symptoms.

At present, the only treatment for CCM is surgery, which is not always possible; Highlights the urgent need for non-invasive and pharmacological treatment options.

In a study published in a high-quality scientific journal Science AdvancesResearchers from the Center for Scientists at Sydney have found a suitable candidate in Australia and other institutions in China.

Ponatinub is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Now cancer is used to treat patients. These drugs were found in mice samples by blocking the signaling pathway of the enzymeoc enzyme. This is one of the reasons CCM.

Dr Tharoor, headache and center institute researcher, Jaysung Peter Choie says this is an important step to seek appropriate treatment for this weakened disease.

"Our next objective is to combine the derivatives of the potibabytes for special use in the sinem, optimize its effectiveness and reduce any side effects." Choi says.

The doctor of the Center for Cellular Signaling Laboratory, Dr.

"CGM is a brutal disease, and many patients do not even get hold of them." "The drug can save the drug if you win the clinical trials.


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