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Roxy Jenko, who owes $ 500 to Oliver Curtis before being convicted

Roxie jeengo They hide the $ 500 dollars from her husband Oliver Curtis Before he gets into the prison.

38-year-old Nova told the FM It is dirty and vibrant When he arrived he wanted to be comfortable.

"You got what you need to do," she told the radio hostel, condemning the 32-year-old Cordis's conviction in 2016.

"First one of my friends told me that if you have a lot of money in jail, it's very useful if you come first," said Jason. "I might have made two dollars [notes], One of them puts the cover on the cover of his jacket. "

They revealed that the exact figure was $ 500 and that it was "buying ups" in prison.

"For a dummy, he loves to read the newspaper and read the newspaper," she explained.

He spent a year at the Corsez Corporation Center and released in June, 2008. The former Investment Banker's conspiracy led insider trading.

In a broadcasted interview this weekend, I do not know Sunday night Program " After Curtis left.

"As soon as we go to Auli jail fast, I'm starting to live very fast," said V Sweaty Betty. "I would not eat it, drinking too much and drinking … basically I was rugged.

"I am going out, I can come home every hour in the morning, I basically lose my bottles."

Jacenko and Curtis married in 2012 Share two children: Pixie, 6, Hunter, 4.

At all times, Roxke Jassenak's children were among the most memorable young Instagram

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