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Razor ice creams with blade studio edition laptops

Razor tries to expand its customer base by targeting customer waves using a new line-up of blade PCs.

Complex bug artRazor Blade Pro 15 is an upgraded version of Razor Blade Pro 17 Gaming PC. Nvidia's Quadro Artex with 4K displays, GeForce RTX graphics processors and RAM, 32GB RAM and 1TB NVM storage.

SVP of Razer's Systems Business Unit says, "As the broader content creators exceed, the NVIDIA studio drivers have been optimized for performing" Creative Applications "in both laptops.

The Razor blade 15 studio edition includes a 4K Slate Touch display, Intel Core i7,99750 processor and NVIDIA Quadro Artix 5000 mobile GPU.

The Razor Blade Pro 17 Studio Edition features a new 4K 120 HES display panel, Intel Core i9-9880 h processor and Nvidia quadro RDX 5000 mobile GPU. Razor says "is the most powerful desktop desktops."

The laptop can connect a laptop to the rear core X, says Rasser. External graphic enclosure. As we have seen in our review, the Core X can work better with the last model graphics card of a Thunderbolt 3 laptop. If you are ready to compel it The fact Docking capabilities that deliver other graphics boxes. "

Price and release date is not announced. At the end of this year, Rasar will start.

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