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Promotes men's previous misses to test prostate cancer


Joe-upon-the-Father and Johan Strauss on the Joe-Ann wedding day.

Durban: Human beings are human beings, maintaining relationships and open conversations about their health.

On November 19, Mimi's blog, business woman, former Miss South Africa and Joe and Strauss have a look at the International Women's Day. The celebration of the world's largest men every day celebrates human health problems. .

Joann Anna and father Johan Strauss withdrew from prostate cancer. They believe that women have an important role in promoting men in their lives.

"Women need to be encouraged to talk to people in their lives and to perform normal health checks like the PSA.Stress says:" The causes like Mürburgbül are important for awareness and ultimately help men lead a healthy, happy, and lasting life. "

According to the 2014 National Cancer Registry, prostate cancer lifestyle is the first in men in South Africa. Tacic cancers are the most common cancer in women aged 15-39. Everyday mental health leads to 14 days.

"The reasons why the world can not prevent women, men have an average of 6 years of age and is often less. Annaneyayirikkanamennilla it. We are a very young age, stand firm," Global muvambar muvarbarg campaign in South Africa Men's budding Foundation chief executive Garan under license, from the Foundation die Go He says.

"Your mates are important, it's good to spend time with them, check regularly, check in, take your time and keep your conversations open." You do not need to be an expert, you do not need to be the one solver, but for someone you hear your hearing and your life, "Gesell says.

On 40th, talk to a doctor on prostate cancer and check whether the right to conduct PSA test is correct. If you have a father or a brother with prostate cancer, you should have this conversation already. Know your numbers, know your risk and talk to your doctor. Get regular practice – move more. Please check regularly. See doctor if you do not.

All the funds raised during the Müller campaign go to Awareness, Education, Research, and Parents in South Africa's Men's Health.

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