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Millions of people study the six rich factors to get the rich


If they know right action, nobody can be rich.

Sarah Stanley Falva, Research Director at the Rich Market Institute, says that if you have a rich character, you might be wealthy.

She is co-writer Next millions next step: Uncontrolled tactics for building wealthThere are more than 600 millionaires in the United States.

From $ 100 to $ 1,1 million (from NZ $ 148,741 to NZ $ 1.49m), high-profile and high-value individuals.

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She does not take into consideration the six factors, age or income that she called "wealth factors"

  • Calmness, Or commitment to protect, get a little more money and attract the budget
  • Confidence Financial management, investment and domestic leadership
  • ResponsibilityIt also includes your participation in financial results and fewer participation in fortune
  • Planning, Or set goals for your financial future
  • Focus on Do their work without being overlooked by doing things
  • Social behavior, Or does not succumb to social pressure to buy the latest thing

During the research of Stanley Phawway, the French came to the point that many of the billionaires interviewed emphasize the independence of their freedom. The French are among the three key ways of achieving economic independence.

"Instead of spending more than just your way, spending rather than making money for retirement makes you a slave of revenue, and experts say you save 20 percent of your income and live 80% of life.

Another important characteristic of confidence is that you can help with moderation. A Jan Y Planning Blog Post, financial planner Sophia Bera wrote, "Take your confidence to live your ways."

If you have the right characteristics, you will be rich without regard to your age or income.


If you have the right characteristics, you will be rich without regard to your age or income.

Instead of making investment decisions with your emotions, you should opt out and concentrate on a long-term investment plan, certified financial planner Shelley Ann Ecca wrote ahead Business Insider.

But you can not invest in money or manage your own money.

Like Stanley Fallow, author Chris Hogan Everyday Millionaires: How are Ordinary People Invaderative Wealth – How Can YouMany billionaires and personal responsibility have been taken up – most of the things they have made, meaning that they have not achieved their fortunes with luck.

"[Millionaires] No one should consider making them rich, if they collapse no one will blame anyone, "Hogan wrote. They focus on things that they can control and consolidate their daily habits for their needs. . "

Economists point out that they are targeted and hardworking. It enables them to plan and plan financial plans. Around 92% of those surveyed in his survey have developed a long-term plan for their money.

These behaviors become socially disrespectful. They try to resist lifestyle, "The more money-spending trend generates more revenue, and basically, they do not feel pressured to" keep Jonson ".

As Hogan has said, they are "absolutely avoiding" the "shining object" from the public, because today they focus more on what they are doing and focus on their long-term rich project.

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