Sunday , January 29 2023

Men are not deserving of help


In the current social-weather climate, we are easy to forget. It is easy to find women who help women, strengthen women and make sure that a girl is not behind. They can also ensure that boys fail to get support, help and assurance.

Whether it is gender groups, social groups, industrial groups, cultural groups or corporations, good and bad is dirty. Currently the social "structures" are currently being built and reproduced, and the value of a person recognizes the value of personality and is not valid because it does not correspond to the existing "truth".

In November, a stimulation of the stereotypes of men, their feelings, mental health care, and the fact that many young people die.

Mu'bambar, because this 30-day period is called, our dad, brothers, children, mates, co-workers, perhaps once removed cousin brothers are important to those around them.

And how important is the fundamental role of stereotypical studios that many people find posing their health problems, emotional needs, and mental necessities.

I am in the forefront of current pressure as a job counselor. I'll first see how to break a person. I understand how family problems affect the productivity and productivity. We all give human recognition to humans, and occasionally hiding in the jungging ball.

Not only does it divide us, but men only have to deal with labor stress, sometimes it makes sense, and our men do not need to interfere with what is often called touch sensations.

76% of suicides are males. 85% of men are men.

The majority of military deaths (disabilities and resulting subsequent mental health care) are males.

In 2014, Sydney Morning Herald At the workplace, 95 percent of the deaths (especially in 2012, but the number one trend) were men. The risk of death in Australia is estimated at 1 chance. As a block. "

We often do not hear the numbers. But they must listen.

This will not only divide us but only people feel about labor pressure, and sometimes our man needs more nudge.

This is very close to my heart. I took my 18-month-old son in my arms. Losing my job lost my husband was not a crime.

The advertiser we see is seeing the wife's clock in advertising, having a basketball ball with his son, even though Dad is at home, he is late.

It can be stereo typing staging, but if you live it will stay inside the house.

When the hunter turns to the fence, he gets worried from the shoulders of those who are waiting for him, and the light of fact comes to light.

As we like (we expect), we love and appreciate our people, and we love them and appreciate them.

Sometimes we need to remember this.

I hope to get more recognition. Humans are hoping that they will carry the only burden on the back of the war without words.

When we compare our equality, we expect women to equate us with equality as we contemplate. We should not fight against each other. There are many places there.

Keep in mind that boys and girls do the same, and we do not allow withdrawal or withdrawal.

Not only do we respect the respect, but also respect and respect each other, but also to assist us in finding the right path to our collective light.

Above all, we all get together in a blue-green dot and hit in one place.

And we all do more if we work together with us, regardless of gender, race, religion, industry or employment.

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