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Lamborghini's first extension supermarket & # 39; s SC 18 Alston & # 39;


SC 18 Allston released on the basis of the Lamborghini ACVWXER SVG. Lamborghini Racing Division Lamborghini screw course

Lamborghini is known for its richest and most powerful supercards in the world. My breakthrough in the era of Brenti's midpoint in the era of Lamborghini Avantador SVGGG's GT goes back to Mirra and inspires our children about these big bulls. But SVJ is not bare enough for you. If you have anything in your neighborhood with your bullying (or not, it is not spelled), no. If so, the mad Italian is the Lamborghini SC 19 and is the latest supercar of the Allston.


(Lamborghini SC18 Allston)

Incidentally, the Lamborghini was not originally designed, it was actually designed and the Motor Port Division of the Lorbhorni Scudra (Supercar maker). The Scrada course has used a jump from its racing activities, particularly a series of Lamborghini Super Trophy, and the GT3 racing, which is attended by the Huron, and has been a long list of parts of SC18. Car Aventador is based on SVJ, but this is the Air India feature of the original Handle from the Grunge GT3. Future changes using the Super Trophy EVO include leaks and scopes.


(Lamborghini SC18 Allston)

A large carbonfiber rear wing added a Lamborghini scratch course. This can be configured for that application. There are three different settings, maximum downframes and maximum size, mid range of balanced setups, and the best speed to drag. Although Lamborghini SCC 18 is technically roadway legal, this is a very accurate racing car.


(Lamborghini SC18 Allston)


Power generates 6.5 liter V12 engine. It is powered by 770 horsepower and 720 Nm peak torque. It's connected to a single clutch 7 speed gearbox. Italian car manufacturer & # 39; unique voice & # 39; s also has a custom exhaust in the Lamborghini SC18.

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