Wednesday , October 5 2022

It seems that a mad fort has been discovered inside the ruins of Washington Woods


Following the conclusion of the epic event in the Cub Fortunate: Battal RoyaleWaiting next to the popular game of fans. Some new players seem to have found a hidden Easter eggs that will be hinted at a new area Fortnight.

Looking at the bailiff in Wailing Woods, Reddit found a mysterious palace on a portal. In a cold background, it looks like a pit stump, and does not seem to be a part of it already. Fortnight.

If you do not have the original image in this crackdown then it is not clear. Other reddit users have posted smiles that do not feel like you could clearly see a fort. So, this might be a gag or a try to disturb Epic games Fortnight They really know the fans at this point.

If you have a secret base in this particular rift you can mean a few different things. There is a new possibility of interest in the fort Fortnight Season Season. Winter scenes may also be presented in the next season, so it can be ice-on holidays, or epic plans to add some festive designs.

In addition, this area may be the only goal of restructuring, as the casual can only be seen from this special crater in Wooling Woods. This is a clear speculative at all times, but when it comes to changes to Epics FortnightLooks like there's something possible.

Make sure to keep your eyes on this portal Fortnight To see if anything else in the next few weeks.

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