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In the first sight, boys of cruel boys were married


The first sight of the boy was married to boys married social media, after a brutal statement about the bride's bride.

After Tuesday night's episode, he and Melissa slept with one of the other men, Dino.
She spent nine years in Melissa's room, where she committed herself to Sunday night. There is a man in the well.

Melissa has already overtaken the decadal drought with Dino. You have ignored twins as twins for Mark and Mark.

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"I have had no sexual contact for some time, and that's what I was expecting," Melissa and Donon were angry.

"Girlfriend really needs Slam, the girl needs a slam!"

In the boys' night, she told Mine Dino that she had been asked to "build up when the iron was hot" and asked for it.

"Now you should do it … This is a girl who has not had a love affair with her in 10 years, it's been a long time, it's been a long time," Mike said.

"If my right hand has sweet love, my prophecy will say I'll wait it out, iron is just hitting it just hot.

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Dino did not agree, explaining: "I do not want to go there and let her down and give it to her."

But Dino's repeated reprimand, he wanted to "take a child," and others stabbed him to death.

"what do you do?" Nick asked. "Give her DNA Latin."

"Awake it!" Sam added.

"Am I misleading that I take my time off?" Then she replied, "He is stiffnecked at her feet", "she mourned her."

In reply, Mark said, "Stay her, slam her!"

Their chat continues and explains how he overcame the advance of Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, she's going out, she's just jumped, you know, this is like the onslaught on my face, and it's gone … as if she kisses me," said Sam.

"I'm not in it, so I'll take it right, I'm going to get it out, because I can not do it, I can not do it, I do not think you know, so why do not you know why?" So she took hold of herself, strangled Elizabeth and put her fingers in his mouth.

"I think it's like ET, you know, I'm throwing home phone like Oh and ET … Then she turned to the paws, I stopped, stopped, she just loved it!

The rest of the boys laughed in Samy's character, and though the Branson was silent, the producers did not think it was appropriate.

"I would not have raised such stuff," Borrowon said. "Boys are boys, they will talk about the child, but you know some lines, some things you do not know."

The girls were not impressed by the silence of boys, which was "disgusting" and giving disrespect to women.

My son's advice did not attract the attention of the people about Deon:

On Wednesday, at 9 o'clock, she will get married at 7.30 pm.

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