Thursday , September 29 2022

GrainCorp's profit declines to 70 million dollars in drought


"On the basis of limited foodgrain availability, cereals business network is rational, cost reduction and domestic transport exports."

More rain was received

The rest of the Gran Corp is in contrast to other rural adults such as the Liverpool and Ruralco. Their diversified businessmen had the right to achieve the highest profit from this drought drought earlier.

Gross corp grain was 1.4 million tons or 16.9 percent and 6.9 million tons. Cereals' revenue dropped to $ 380 million. 2.24 billion.

In 2018, the harvest was 15 in comparison.


Green Corp said that the rainfall near the northern harvest is good news for the summer. However, more walking is near the horizon.

The company expects exports from exports to be exported in the current year. The production of cooking gas is expected to increase to 0.5 million tonnes from Western Australia and South OIL.

Handicraft Beer Malt sales are increased

However, a credit breed production in the GreatCorp Mall revenue rose 47 million dollars to 1.15 billion dollars.

Idaho, Pocatello, The second half of our expanded plant has been included in the performance of the mall. We have recently expanded our growing demand in Scotland, "Palmquist said.

Edible oils grew by 24 million US dollars to $ 969 million. However, it is drought affected.

Trite canto supplies pressure on crash margins but oils require liquid animal feeds and dairy products.

However, Glyn Corp said Malian and oil refineries will continue to have high energy prices.

The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex fell by 5.3 per cent to USD 7.50 a barrel.

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