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Fiat will be in talks with Nixon in talks with Renault

There are talks between two wheelers. Both companies are trying to establish a deep and comprehensive cooperation agreement.

Discussions focused on the beginning Fiat Chrysler (FCA) Using platforms and technologies The Renault Morphs into a more complex and diverse one.

Multiple sources have been mentioned Financial Times Discussions between FCA and Renault are ongoing. Many assessments and options are currently evaluated.

Resources have warned that the discussions can still be ineffective and ineffective.

If successful, Nissan's Mitsubishi Alliance can join the FENA.

Renault's relationship with the Japanese partner has continued with the arrest of former CEO Carlos Gosnan with efforts to merge French companies. However, Nissan tried to halt the French ban.

It is not clear how much Nissan Engagement is involved. Some sources are undesirable. At this point, Nisson is sharply criticizing.

He said Renault wanted to finally merge Fiat Chrysler with Nissan CEO at the end of March.

The FCA discussed the discussion with the PSA Group, owned by Peugeot, Citron, DS, Opel and Waxhole brands.

Negotiations between the FCA and PSA broke out due to concerns about merged truck drivers in the European Union and PSA's concern about acquisition.

Both companies have joined together. They were prepared to hold discussions and consolidation with any party with conflict of interests.

If Renault and FCA join, the French company, the US market and two luxury brands, will be available in Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Although it seems like opposing opposing two Europe-based automakers, the FCA makes a lot of profit with the jeep and Ram brands.

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