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Earthquake, Perth, southern Malir hurricane, Southwark & ​​# 39; s movements & # 39;



November 09, 2018 14:42:55

An earthquake measuring 330 on the Richter scale hit Peru The 5.4 magnitude earthquake reported no casualties or damage.

Key points:

  • This is the second major earthquake in Lake Myrace district in two months
  • The earthquake collapsed and the buildings shook in the North West
  • Geologists are not sure whether there will be more earthquakes

Suddenly, a bullet in the south east of Mannampukup was about 5 kms deep at 7 kms deep.

More than 2,400 Geosides have submitted reports to Australia after the earthquake but no major damage has been reported.

The earthquake struck at 1.7 degrees Celsius on September 16, two minutes after the earthquake.

Most of the earthquakes and buildings in Perth have described the building as shaking.

"There's nothing else in my bed and my bed is shaking," said Guildford, a local subsidiary ABC radio at Perth.

Jane Belwick, a resident of Kovanjan who lives in the earthquake in the southern region, 150 km northwest of the earthquake due to the tremors, said she was awakened.

"With the tumor, I looked at the clock very quickly and was five minutes eight minutes.

"The wooden floor began to get wooden rooms and the house shook."

Just like a train & # 39;

Dibra Odonal, a native of Pemberton, said that her entire houses were shaking and "tremors" were "very violent."

"It was too big, it drank the whole house," they said.

"The entire roof of the roof would have been walked.

"A train seems to go on, we have no trains here."

Bridgestown resident Franc said that the biggest earthquake he was going to the area 15 years ago.

"It came as a wind … and then the house began to shake, shook, shake, it was too loud," he said

Geosyni's Australian Senior Counselor Jonathan Battagate said that after the 5.7 magnitude earthquake in September, a "little bit of activity" around the Lake Louise occurred.

"Before this size was -4.54, the largest earthquake was 4.6 on October 12.

"The operation has been stable in the area within the last few months, and we have found over 600 earthquakes in that period.

"Most of them are very small … [and] We did not know, but when we are eagerly going, the public will start to feel really. "

The most earthquake is: farmer

The situation in Marcury's property in Montala was the latest in the month and the last largest number in September.

"We're far more violent than what we have here," he said.

"It's not loud, but shake us all, jump out of bed, think twice."

On the eve of the September earthquake, Moby's neighbor, Rob de Kampo, picked up his pans in the sea.

He said the earthquake will be greatly increased.

"It's exciting, but I'm right," he said.

"If I'm going to sleep, at the same time, especially at night, it's very scary."

More unhealthy warnings

Professor Chris Elders at the University of Kurdistan University's School of Earth and Planetary Sciences says that the earthquake will disappear. But it's very hard to predict how big it is.

"In the past 100 years, the earthquake was around 60," he said.

"Usually they do not always stay each other, usually having some time, but the consequence of the fact that tectonic plates, which are designed on the surface of the earth, are always in motion.

We know that areas with high earthquakes can be understood and ready to be ready for earthquakes.

"So important is to make sure that building codes are implemented correctly to avoid the potential of earthquakes."

The south-western terrain of Western Australia is very active.

This is part of the nearly half a record earthquake of the Australian earthquake every year.

An earthquake like this has not had a tremendous earthquake.

"Unfortunately, we can not tell whether there are more such activities."






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