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Dengue infection can also protect the child


Dengue fever

Earlier dengue was found to protect children from Sikkim

Earlier, children suffering from dengue fever infection can save the children from malignant viral infections.

The findings from international researchers such as Michigan University, University of California, Berkeley Universities, have reached this conclusion.

"We do not think dengue immunity will be preserved (Sika), or it does not appear to be in our study, but Sally's infected children have saved the disease from infected diseases," said Professor Obama's Gordon, professor of epidemiology at UMM School of Public Health.

Earlier children from dengue epidemic had a 38% decrease in the disease compared to dengue infants.

Gordon from UC-Berkeley, Nicaragua of the Health and Sustainable Sciences Institute in Managua, and their colleagues used data from their long-term pediatric dengue coirts study in Managua in 2004.

Of the 3,700 cases (2 to 14 years), 3,027 cases were reported from Dengue virus and 743 were dengue fever and 176 dengue fever. A total of 1,356 people were diagnosed with zica infections. Of these, 560 had symptoms of symptoms.

Although children are infected, infected or diseased, they compare the previous dengue fever to ensure that the previous dengue epidemic has been affected.

Dengue-infected children have developed a infant patient with less than 38% of children who have no dengue fever.

If Americans are suffering from dengue, it is not reported in the region till 2015. Viruses are very similar to: Andes aegypti is transmitted to mosquitoes, fever, shortness of breath, joint, arthritis.

Eka Harris, a lecture at U-Berkeley, said she believes that dengue and Sick have an immune response to mosquito patients.

& # 39; Antibody Relative Development & # 39; Researchers have been paying special attention to the phenomenon. In some cases, former dengue epidemics develop antibodies, rather than protect their hosts, they are unable to deal with infection, but rather it increases.

Harris's international team recently showed that this is among the children in Nicaragua's Kohler study. Researchers believe that this system will remain in serious cases that cause neurological problems.

However, we have not examined the results of the academic results in the current study, "said Harris." Sika Sikh rarely analyzed the population of our children. Dengue fever has been reported before the disease. It is also compatible with our previous studies in dengue prevention in dengue fever.

Need more research to check interaction.

"If you have interactions, it's great if you can save you from dengue or help save you from the disease," she said. "But there is always anxiety about antibodies to be preserved at a certain stage, once they reach a certain amount, it's a possibility for a serious illness, so I have to look closely.

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