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Christmas tension between Prince Prince and Prince William

Reports of the royal family gatherings are increasing. Harry's princess did not know how she treated the princess princess Meen Markle during the first Christmas of the royal family.

The clash can explain why the Prince and the Duchess of Sussex decided to change the Kensington Palace and replace the Frocor Cottage in Winchester.

"There was a bit of gathering between the brothers." The sun Reports. "Harry and Meeg do not want to live with William and Cait, now they are trying to beat us.

In The Windsor's latest episode 9 takes you to the husband who has been entrusted to you by party & # 39; party prince & # 39; s evolution. (Article continues.)

"They need more room, and they hope that Frogmore Cottage will always be ready when the baby needs them."

The Vancherver area is a special place for their royal highs and their official residence will be in estate and the Disk and Office office will continue to work at the Kensington Palace, "the spokesman said.

The hag and the first baby in Meghana were in April, 2019.

Claims that the princess's friend is in trouble. (Gotti)

There have been claims that there is a royal palace between the Dutch and the Dutch Vanity fair Do not worry sisters.

"Kate and Mig are very different people, they have nothing in common but they are trying," she said. "Brothers have problems."

The young royal royal family has been awarded a reputation for redefining the royal family of the world. So it's about putting pressure on William Pryce and Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Mark announced that they were going out of the Kensington Palace. (Gotti)

It is said that the royal family came to the fore during the first Christmas celebration of Meghna Vanity fair Quoting a mutual friend who described the incident.

"Harry said that Meg's red carpet did not break," she said. "After a fall, William tried to make a decision when he left Charles.

"When Suesque Cambrides invited Christmas to spend with them."

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