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Bose Sleepbuds help me and sleep, but they're cheaper [Updated]

I recently spent the weekend with noise-mascelling sleeplessness of the boss. When I write about them first, I will not let them target these little boys. I am lucky enough to be at anytime to sleep. I have the salary to hate me.

It was in my hands while I was experiencing the weakest jet lasts in my life. I did not have much time to give something like this in the exam.

Refresh: This article was first published on 29. One of the new features since then was & # 39; Do You Buy? & # 39; Section. Enjoy it!

Boss Sleeps

What's this?

It is thought to be designed to help sleep

The price

$ 379.95

Love it

They are good, have a good battery life and good to prevent the sound.

I do not like it

You can not play your own tracks, they are expensive.

What are they?

Wireless earbirds are specially designed to help them sleep. They use "sleep tracks" to cover the surroundings of street voices, snoring, and disturbed neighbors. It uses the Boss sleep app (available on Android and iOS).

Interesting about them is that you can not play your own music, podcasts or sounds. On the plus side, this means your phone will not kill the battery, because the tracks keep itself in buds, and oppose streaming through the bluetooth every night.

The app is simple and easy to use. You can use your track (including the time you like to play), and if you want, you can use the selected volume and a alarm.

What are they better

Prevents noise

Before signing in, you should note that these ears are not the cancellations – so the sounds are still going to filter. But on the street I felt like loud noise, and once I played jokes, I was faint. When the partner talked to me, his voice sounded incredibly.

I got these results from 50% of the sound from hundreds of cars and 75% and 100% of them built up (people live on an important road they like to waste their breasts and love to drag the race) I still can hear them.

Why are they not 100% ready all the time? That is because of my personal discomfort. I can not even sleep too loud enough at that level. It's designed, designed to keep track of the damage and others more likely to be.

Battery charging case

One of my favorite things about Sleeps is its charging chassis. It is soft and unbelievably lightweight, giving it 16 hours of buds before recharging. It's ideal for long-distance flights and business trips.

You can see how much of the cost of your lamps is charged, and when you make them fun, magnetic fields will be magnetic. You can also check out how much buds are left on the Boss sleep application.

The lack of an outstanding battery life is that it's expensive, but we'll come to it.


This may seem like a strange insertion. All functions are capable of this functionality. But they do not reach the ears of the devil in your ears. The FIG.

I worship this feature – they have no spouse that stands at the same time. My fiancé and two journalists usually grows at the same time … except for the hardware lounge season.

It was fun along with the new Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 announcement when the launch of the new iPhone arrived at 2am. They allow me to wake up my calmness from sleep.

As for the track, if you keep the alarm in its buds, the battery will not come in, unless it is plugged in the night and not in the app.


I was attracted to the measure of comfort offered by Sleeps. If they were not restrained, I could have slept on my side and kept them all night long. You can certainly say that you have something to do with, and most of the earplugs I have ever tried to sleep or are just fine earbuds.

Three different sizes of ear tips are available for selecting sleep booths. This will help you personalized comfort, and what you choose is not too small, because it will allow you to sound out.


I do not want all of these to help you to sleep – because there are some environments – the person who uses them from the environment.

But I would say that the jet lag was broken and helped me to cool my anxiety – brainstorming. That enabled me to sleep. Sounds of broken crowds and broken sounds helped me to cool my mind and never think of dropping my beloved one day.

I was sleeping for the first time in a week when I first started using the sleeppads – I slept. – I'm a heavy sleeper. Once I get out of it I will stay that way. So do not worry now that you are doing a tracking track that does not make a block sound.

In fact, in the next nights I set the track for a few hours to play. For me, sleeping was used to sleep and stay there. This may not be easy for other people with more serious sleep problems.

How are they not good?


The sleeppad tracks are designed specifically for sound masking and sleep promotion. They have a maximum of 50 dBs in order to avoid damaging their hearing. In addition, the limit is that you can keep track of your devices so that your phone does not come with battery life. I understand why these engineering options are created and can be seen positively.

However, I still believe these limitations can turn off people who want to listen to their music, podcast or ASMR and meditation tracks. Do not mention anybody who wants to use such an expensive device as their daily cold.

While Bose plans to release more sounds from time to time, I do not think it's enough. I will find a solution for the next generation of Sleeppads, so the users can get more Bigs for their short names and enjoy the world's best.

Flip side, they have no sound.

My skins are campfire, shower and hanging. I think fire, rain, and waves are obvious choices. This was as important as I had winter. These sounds calm me down.

& # 39; Altitude & # 39; mimics the sound of an interesting subject. There are tracks. The ham of the watch clock, not the crying children, the cut off, the toilet pack.

Long distance service is one of the best times to use the sidebars as an opportunity to block the noise of a flight. So I was surprised that some people would enjoy continuous hassle. Each and every one's own. We all have sorrow.

Update November 11, 2018:

As Bose has promised, several new tracks have been added to the free library and now I have the opportunity to try the download process.

As we said earlier, files do not play through Bluetooth – they actually keep themselves in buds. The new transfer is more difficult than the transfer of the other.

There are 10 new sounds, you can preview them before you transfer them – this is really fun. I liked some people and wanted to download all of my choices to sleep.

Do not get caught.

As soon as I find it, you have to transfer each new track individually. Also, the application may take up to a few hours, and warns you to release the buds from the charger when you transfer.

Because of this particular process, when you already use buds, the application suggests you transfer the entire night. Therefore, I left myself for 24 hours to sleep in the dormitory deltet tone.

The next morning, when I woke up, only 2% had been allocated. I do not like it.

In my second attempt, I was transferred to the track and Sleepbuds had a voice from me. Within 37 minutes the track was transferred without any problems. In the same environment, my third attempt was done within an hour.

I was very pleased with these results, and I hope that the first failure is a weak point. If I did not tell me how to transfer the tracks, I could do …

Each Single. Time. I will go. To. It is to do.

Another example of the first generation scandal with Bose Sleeps is the implementation of the alliance. I still like how much they like and hope that it will be more convenient and convenient in the future. But now they have some work.

Do you want to buy

I enjoyed my experience with Boss Sleeps, because it is less expensive for me. Without regard to engineering and rational thinking, the lack of morality will be a strange point for prospective buyers.

In the past there is nothing that is truly a first product. This can not completely cancel the sound, how often you wake up if you change the track, you can not play your own content and get better. And above that, there is no guarantee that it really works for you until you try it out.

There are many things, but there are a lot of things to ask about a product with 380 dollars such a product.

But as I said at my inception – I'm a guy who does not have problems outside the jet delay. I do not know if there is too much sleep deprivation or any other sleep deprivation. If these buds improve someone's quality of life, they are very good.

But in the irreverent absence of guarantees of personalization, some people try to borrow first. Or if you're ready to take a ball, get a 30 day risk free trial through the Boss website. Make sure your receipt is kept!

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