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Australia’s main miscalculation shows that we need to adapt to succeed


China’s Word Warriors had a big win against Australia this week. It was a deliberate ploy by Beijing to consider civilization as an encounter. So what do wolf warriors want?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Shao Lijian posted a graphic but fake picture of an Australian soldier stabbing an Afghan child in the throat on Monday. “I was shocked by the killing of Afghan civilians and prisoners by Australian soldiers,” he tweeted.

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The allegations against the Australian SAS Regiment war crimes are true. Like Canberra’s moves to seek and punish them if necessary. It was a bridge to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The resulting firefighting exchanges represent a new normalcy in Australia-China relations, says Bates Gill, professor of Asia-Pacific security studies.

We should expect more from it.

“This is aimed at furthering the economic and political signals we are already receiving from Beijing,” he told “It simply came to our notice then. It was a well-designed and well-designed shot at the heart of a very sensitive political issue in Australia, which would create national and international embarrassment.

“This is a warning to others: Australia may be compatible with some of these, but other countries are certainly not there.”

Expect escalation

“I would say it’s qualitatively different from what we’ve seen before, and that’s why we talk about punitive economic measures or other insults in the state media,” Professor Gil Shaw said of the nature of the controversial tweet.

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It’s not just us.

There may be other goals for the international audience. Some foreign audiences may like to see Australia catch their eye, while Westerners may like to see a small influx, ”he says.

This is to boost confidence within China. It’s about examining Australia’s boundaries. There can be personal and professional aspirations in the game.

“It is clear that there are professional advantages to leaning forward, pushing envelopes and coming up with such controversial statements. I checked the career progression of Shao Legion. It is clear that he is also getting promoted after several controversies with his Twitter account. ”

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The mid-ranking foreign affairs official opened his account in 2010. As a diplomat in South Asia, he began to use it to create controversy. After being appointed spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shaw’s reputation as one of the most prolific and provocative of the ‘wolf warrior’ campaigners strengthened.

He was behind false allegations earlier this year that the U.S. military had promoted COVID-19 as a biological weapon. There was no apology. No need to go backwards.

“It’s not something like Shaw waking up in the morning and breaking anything like President Trump,” Professor Gill said. “I am convinced that this was a foregone conclusion and that it was controversial to begin with. It’s useful for that reason. ”

He said Australia could not apologize for the deliberate act of Chinese Communist Party policy. “A person in this position knows very well what the boundaries are and what the expectations are, and would make a calculated decision. That’s why I think it’s qualitatively different. It tells us a lot about the large system that works here to determine whether it is permissible or risky.

World Warriors War

Australia needs to adapt its attitude, Professor Gill says. Information warfare is not just about cyber-attacks, disruption of information systems or data theft.

This is to weaken beliefs and beliefs about what we are.

Democracy. Human rights. Be equal by law. Government transparency and accountability.

“In the West, we compare war to violence and physical activity, which is part of war,” he said. “But in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, the political struggle for material warfare is critical.”

That means any tool – be it economic, diplomatic or real – can be armed.

Utilizing all available means exposes the West to a lack of physical weapons.

“China is not the first society in the world to realize that when you transcend traditional methods of warfare, other areas below the scope of dynamic warfare are operating unequally,” he said. “That kind of thinking is as old as history.”

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Beijing is 20 to 30 years away from the military level.

Its economy is strong. This is a military birth. But how far can they go by force against others?

“Do they feel confident in using them? I do not think so. Not yet. Of course, there is danger, ”he says.

Dissociation from the established international diplomatic and economic order would be detrimental. Facing even local soldiers is still a real risk of failure.

“At the end of the day, China still does not have the full spectrum of equipment that can be deployed to go backwards. They think wolf warrior diplomacy and other campaigns can be very effective. ”

He says Wolf Warrior diplomacy will help Beijing achieve its strategic goals and achieve desirable political results “without taking serious risks.” Also, “it presents itself as powerful.”

End the game

Professor Gill says the increased diplomatic and campaign commitment in Beijing is already being translated into military action.

He lost his life in the border clash with India. The Japanese Air Force and Navy are fighting off attacks in their territory. It expands its range of fishing vessels. Beijing has stepped up efforts to intimidate the US, Australia and Southeast Asian nations in the South China Sea.

“Therefore, this more robust behavior certainly translates into a more robust military agenda on the part of China. “That is an area where the risk of a serious military event increases with each passing day.”

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At the same time, it is to be hoped that Beijing will continue its aggressive imaginative and punishable economic activities to satisfy the Chairman FC’s aspirations.

“Being more active in the face of such political wars should be more about diversifying with other economic partners and hardening our cyber infrastructure,” says Professor Gill. Our society needs to be smart about China’s ambitions under Xi Jinping, and have a more open discussion about the difficult trade-off between interests and values. ”

Ensuring that our values ​​are applied equally and effectively.

“I fear that our concerns with the PRC government will often be translated into ‘Red Square’-style discrimination against Australians of Chinese descent,” he said. “Sowing such divisions in our society undermines our zeal and solidarity in becoming a struggle for ideas and ideas.”

The list of 14 complaints filed against Australia last week provides real insight into what the Chinese Communist Party expects.

“Hold our heads high and be more comfortable and friendly with China’s constant aspirations and aspirations, without criticizing the behavior and actions of the government in Beijing,” said Professor Gill. “It simply came to our notice then. They need respect and they want Australia to get out of the way. That’s not going to happen. ”

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