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Adidade Lego Store, aimed at thieves in one night


November 29, 2018 16:30:20

Lego bandits on a thick sea lake twice a night in the same Adadide Toys.

Key points:

  • The thugs were "razed" by the leg shop in two raids
  • The owner of the store has noticed a noticeable application
  • Store the Christmas tree in the third year

The Southern St. Mary's store in Adelaide continues to be the third and third place, said Leigho Steve Campbell. To Christmas.

Within two hours he was going into toys. The incident took place between 3:30 am and 6.00 am.

They took about $ 10,000 worth of stock and cash.

They used two different cars. Each time the store was in the store for five hours.

Inspecting his surveillance apparatus, Kamble said, "spraying very clean and well-dressed materials from his shop. "

"Some of the backside of a big box had been in the floor master because there were so many places, so I'm empty on every floor," he said.

He said that the robbers had stolen thugs.

"So they left behind the door behind the shop and left.

"I guess, after leaving a trend in the tragedy, they become lego sets."

Campbell's second time this year was broken by his store.

Several lego sets have been seized, including over 400 worth couples.

"Last year, October / November, the same year, October and November, it crashed in the next year, the same thing … again … that Christmas, it's time to get to know that it's easy to get rid of."

Campbell said he would take time to change the stolen stock.

"When I pass the insurance office, I will get additional stocks before Christmas when I issue refinancing orders at the head office in Sydney, which is a shame because your trade is the year you do most of the year."

Campbell said that thieves had sold online goods.

"You have to look at Gumrerie, where $ 200 is worth 60 dollars, and that's great for the people".

Police said the suspects were robbed and robbed in a robbery. Later, the North Street Agnes in Adelaide was found.

"They gathered the witnesses [sighted] Both are vacant from the spot, "SO Police said in a statement.

Police investigators revealed that they had stolen Majded van from St Mary's station at Bartset Road.

The police are investigating whether the Dow Park is linked with another robbery in the toy shop. Largest lego stole this week.


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