Tuesday , March 21 2023

& # 39; Good to Interact & # 39; – Want to have a better relationship with FFA fans


Nickau, Heather Reed, Joseph Corrosy and Remo Nogaroto were elected to the board of the FIFA AGM in Sydney.

A lawyer, Victorian Nickau, played a number of competitions in the competition before playing a regional competition.

He was inducted before the FFA board at the Football Federation Victoria, Melbourne Victoria, 2015 and the Asia Cup Organizing Committee.

Some fans, especially those in active supporters groups, disagree with the way FFA matches play.

After reviewing the FFA in the ban on the ban, Knockout understands the importance of improving relationships with supporters.

"One important education I've been able to see active fans, CEO, police, stadium operators, and all factors of all components are important for them."

"So fans are a crucial part of us to move forward, and we need to deal more effectively.

"But I think I have a better understanding of what is important to the people."

Nikki's warning is that he wants to join two new teams to play in the next season's matches, but new board members will need to have a detailed summary of the remaining six. .

Three will be added to the board, and Nike is expected to happen before the end of the year.

He refused to clarify the potential to take into consideration any of the candidates for the six month-long candidates.

Former jobmaker Senator Stephen Koontro was among those excluded.

Rio is one of the new deputy chairs. Karozi, got the first round vote ahead of Nicaire.

"We are in a very good shape, but there is no doubt that you have a lot of things to do," said the raid.

"We have a lot of weight on our walls, I am waiting to go on my sleeve shape, and that's coming up to that hard work."

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