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You know what a proper resistance is


Exporting of the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) to the sun or other sources of sunbeds is the main reason for aging and the development of the skin. The RUV produces a cumulative and non-recoverable layer for the smoother structure. For this reason, it is essential for the sun to repair the dam. "Cancer is the most common cancer in humans by skin cancer: 3 in 1. Dr Ana D. Pablo, Dermatology Deputy Director of Orange University Hospital and Professor Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the Austrian University, explained.
After the preventive and early diagnosis, the world over the past two decades has been defended. Argentina does not escape from this increase. "Raising awareness of the public defense procedures is a basic pillar. It is important to learn the personal arivukalkkanusrtamayi individuals to perform self-testing, especially if it will help the new consultation with experts, pad'dhatiyuntakkanum to change. In addition, the Learning healthy habits to get in front of the sun, burn Sadh Strategy to reduce, and reduce the damage by RUV, "said W. Pablo.
Cancer diagnosis is still a negative weight to people. It is not for a moment but a chance of survival. But it is a false idea that leads to the isolation and disgrace of the people.
According to the Ministry of Health records, 9 out of 10 cancers out of 10 cancers are sunlight. This is because the skin is absorbed by the ultraviolet radiation that stimulates the sun in everyday life.
It is estimated that a 18-year-old person will be directly comforted by 80 percent of ultraviolet light. Because it will absorb the whole life, it is important to take healthy habits before sunlight all year round, and regularly examine moles in person and as well as a specialist.
Dr. Clinton, a specialist in clinical oncology (MN 65.164) Alejandro Tuarek suggested some of the recommendations to bring wounds to the outside of the sun, within the framework of the national campaign for the prevention of skin cancer. Summer.
"The time has come when the sun exposes everyone in the street, in ponds or beaches, some have more luck and tanners with some bicycles, but some are less likely to be overlooked in each show.

Yes, no, to save your skin
The specialist explained and explained that a skin that is strong enough to damage the sun, especially if young people have photogramming or cuts like skin cancer, is less likely.
"Sun is more exposed, an even greater hazard. Ultraviolet rays of the DNA, our genetic information. UVAs causes aging of the skin, from time to time, they will burn us untold. Vikiranannaleat repeated analysis of the ultraviolet light from the Sun is the biggest risk factor for cancer to develop science, for everyone The largest measures, will affect all the great parts, "says tyurek.
"The common people, simple and clear skin, bright eyes, to respond directly to the sun. This ghattattilalla dark skins, but sancarikkukayilla directly. However, they may break the long-term, so protection is always indicated. Turannukayalla want your skin, if you want to get a ton, especially X In the first days of development, it is best easar. "

The basic precautions
This is necessary to avoid sunscreen between 11 and 16. Because at this time the body is shaded by the shadow and the sun shines from the center of the sky.
Children and young babies do not face sunlight for up to 6 months (do not use protectors at this time of sunlight). For up to 3 years, at least, cotton clothing, hats, 15
There are several types of sun screens suitable for every type of skin and condition. However, using a broad spectrum protection product (using UVB-UVA filters) is essential for a solar panel with 30 or more.
Once the sunscreen is selected, you should give half an hour before the product, so the skin can absorb the active ingredients.
The protector should be renewed every two hours. Then leave the water (sea, lake, pool, stream, river, waterfall) or wake up too much. You need more cream. Approximately 2 mg is recommended for square meter centimeters.
In addition to applying cream, use appropriate accessories to enhance sun protection such as UV protection, sun glasses, and a wide variety of hats or caps.
Protectors should apply all the skin on sun exposure. Special attention should be given to the skin, neck, and head in the skin or naturally occurring skin.
The ceremonial performance is recommended in the morning before the start of the production and then the sunscreen
Do not wear only simple clothes, feel cold, closed cushions, dark colors of T-shirts or pants to protect your skin from lightning.
In hot days, especially on hot days, it increases the abundance of fluid (2 to 3 liters per day) and increases the use of fruits, vegetables and consumption.
After each exposure, your skin must be hydrated for continuing skin care. The use of "post-solar" cream recommends that your skin will not be injured.
It is important for people with cancer to develop ultraviolet radiation, particularly in solar radiations, all basic surgical procedures such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.
A pigmentary depression is evaluated through ABCD techniques or administration; Its inequality, edges, color, diameter, and its evolution. If a pigmented layer is a mole, then we should consider the following aspects: Uses inequality, undefined or elevated margins, color variations, differences over six millimeters, over time changes, for example, painful or otherwise painful, It is found in a rash or ulcers.
Once a diagnosis is made, at which point the melanoma of any kind, it seeks to formulate the treatment and diagnosis based on it.
"Give this unusual activity, leading to sic ere treatment free of charge, to people who participate in the voluntary cekkukalil, Find sansayikkavunna diseases as potentially carcinogenic, not only to sensitize the people to prevent and cure of this inspection and darsanatteateyulla perspective," Dr. Chris darmarrealajiyile Argentine Society of dermarrealajisrrum Reena says paskurrea.

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