Sunday , January 29 2023

You can export your Flickr images to Google Photos


A few days have passed FlickrA website that allows you to store photographs online, He declared that his services should continue to be used And it does not lose well for users.

It's one of the options that began to take an alternative way to protect their photos and videos Google Photos, Which lets you "free" all the contents of Flexy.

To do so, we need to have a follow-up The method was a little late but effective It gives security to people that they are safe to protect their multimedia content.

How many photos can you upload to Google Photos using your "Unlimited Storage"?

How to export Flickr images to Google Photos

Download Flickr photos

You must first do everything you need to download and execute all of the photos on the platform You are, after that Reel Select the images you want to download.

Thereafter, a number of options will appear, one of them Download it, Where you click and download it .zip filesThis format is acceptable.

Upload photos to Google Photos

Once we do this, we upload them to Google Photos, and then work with this start with all the downloaded photos Unzip files.

Once you're done, click on the Go to Account already in Google Photos and click the button UploadThe downloaded files have been added because it is at the corner of the screen.

Selected files, you have to press the option Open This way they start uploading files, which will take much longer according to their size.

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