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With less work, Mar del Plata will have promotions and more accessible prices


Theater entrepreneurs will perform various strategies to attract public, with different suggestions, including music, comedy, magazine and standup.

Mall de Plato. – Premier is rare, but many titles that travel from coast to year in Metropolis. Comedies,


More and more


Some of the most successful models in the Buenos Aires Billboard are some of the most flawless magazines


There are a few people who have a confirmed release date.

A variety of quality and quality programs are different and contradictory to find answers in the summer. This is very encouraging because the new exchange rate parity promotes domestic tourism. It is also true that a limited format, a few days, and a great deal of attention while spending holidays with hoardings and falling purchasing power can be avoided.

That is why some budgets also foresaw the suggestions on trying to get a ticket for the family budget. For example, this year's revenue (which is still paid out) in capital halls and innovative promotions, along with some things that have unusual discounts for children under the age of 17. Also, there will be a good tourist show.

For over 40 years of margin seasons, the sector's analyst and the most difficult of all priorities before and after all the predecessors, Carlos Römbergger of Theater's Entrepreneur (today declared the ultimate personality of the culture of Buenos Aires), and each season is baptized. It is defined as "negative". "In contrast to the hopes of raising the dollars price for a major national tourism, it is a problem for all commercial activity to fall in consumption," he explains. Because of the encouragement of the government of Buenos Aires, it was called "pitchle". 2016/17 found him "vigilant" and "delayed" by delayed delays in the national and provincial government.

The theaters will have Marble's Billboard. This year's Buenos Aires Tables will be the most attractive. News and the scenes work together to build the best results for better results. For actors, producers and spectators.
SugarLerita joins Neptune with Fernandes. The short bristol's room will arrive in a valuable setting to sacrifice. So it will act as a support area, and will be leaked from the Black Buster music comedy. Yet another section of the lido that has been completed almost all the buildings in Santa Fe still exists.

On the other hand,
Jets The producers and actors did not hesitate and produced a certified management model in Roumberbo. The maximum entry fee for this comedy is 600 peso (equivalent to the previous season and 25 per cent lower than that of the capital in Capitol) with a surprising and visually appealing profile of the family and 200 adolescents and 17-year-old teens. "So a four-way-family goes with 1600, not obliged to reduce age, and two 16-year-olds can go for 400 pashes at the theater," he says.

Another special feature is the manufacturer, Gustav Yankeevich
Sugar. "We've taken your risk, my play does not get its percentage and you have to pay for the expenses for the bank", Roumberg stays in a trust trade body. If all costs are hidden, revenue will only be available to a certain extent to form a common stock, which will share profits equally. Then your chips and income possibilities are invested in a very good performance of the box office, and will depend on adjusted values. The same work in Buenos Aires, 950 pesos was paid, with 700 to 900 entries.

"We look for a free price", it recommends Rambomeng, understands the middle section and the main theater client. It has to adjust when compared with the parity agreements to the extreme end of the inflation rate.

The Atlas Room has brightness and feathers
Get together again, Santiago Bal and Carmen Barberi, now his son, Fordcco, a companion and director. This is a message from a magazine. A familiar approach to the family.

You can find the musical instrument at the stage of Mar Dell Plata
In the cage of the madmanRowl Lavi, Nieto Ardasa, and Cecilia Milon will play the roles of directors along with Howe Fierstein and Jerry Herman. The audience will be on December 21.

Another complicated sealing of the grid is the radiosite / roxi / melani, which is a powerful theater offer. This is part of the line or palatalo. He has gained five shows for Les Looters this summer
Great ReserveHis last work. Its main room will also go to Lali Esposito, George Rojas, Beats and presentations of the local artists.

Now Rakhi's comedy, the underground room is a wave that has waved a lot. Stand-up. Roberto Moldsky Market's Magazine, Sebastian WineReach, Dalia Gutmann, Sanata, Jumami Gonzalez, Mageli Togas, La Faravona, Martin Ziro, Nicholas The Tracy, Pablo Angeli, Pablo Molinari, Zenari Bimbo, Laila Gonzo, Radagast, The Unnable, . Peelol Sordo will organize conferences and presentations by Alejandro Dolin and philosophers Darry Sastans. With the participation of artists from the Mall del Plateau, small melon rooms are available for the show "A Low Cap".

Jose Maria will arrive to the Provincial, Ridded Room
OkayChristina Alberto, Lusa Albinini, Katja Aleeman, Paula Moralas, Edda Diaz, and actors. And
The enemy of the peopleLiz Landrock Fiks, along with Ibsen, Juan Leorado, and Roll Rissow.

On December 20, Omar Suarez and his guests will re-play the Olympic Theater again in the review duster. Within a few years, the Stage Ring in the nearby Corrientes Room will come back
Well done Argentina,
Hansel, Gretel Sergio Gonel's anion. In front of the Torrent del Monchi in the Troyardra Console, this week will be split into Marseille Poly, Nachka Che Guevara and J Mamonna's shopping sezlogist Aljendra Rambola.

More products and values ​​of support from the Protein government, auditorium complex, were held in four strong theaters. Piazzolla gives the room back
BurningDirected by Lucius Cassars It will be released
40 days and 40 nightsJuna Ville, Leonor Manso, Pablo Allergon, and Joquard Berth. That's it there
Slave house, Redu Bentfire, a French director with Peter Lansani and German Cabanas. The program was programmed in the room
Tuesday orchidsMary Paasik, Rita Teranova, Philip Columbo, Kandela Velrano, are all the songs of classic, Betty Gauntorts, and Bernardo Kare
Life in Mansi, Orsay, Alsirah Davino, Dario Landi and Carlos Vigo; And
I came to go, Along with Gabriel Chama Bujidia.

As in the past year, the provincial government has contributed to the exhibition from the wheel in the Yerekrout. Auditorium will host a program on theaters on Tuesdays. A grid that is not defined after the grid, and then the returns will be returned to Pak-comet on days that do not influence the offer for the theaters. Anjela Taurus will be opened on the following dates: Soledad, Dart Mar I, Lali Esposito, Kapanga, Patricia saosa and open access.

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