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Winter Solidays 2018: This creates a full moon and meteor shower


(CNN) – It has been discovered that it is now only six days smaller and nights in the northern hemisphere.

Next year, it will be the next day of the full moon called the Cold War. So you can see a meteor shower.

First, CNN weather scientists Dave Hennen, Judson Jones and Brandon Miller help scientists understand.

Then let us know more about that particular moon. Finally, some traditions and celebrations around the world will explore the inspiration for a travel adventure:

Science behind the Winter Society

The winter setting is the lowest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and it looks directly at the top of the sun until the sun's southernmost point. It marks the longest day of the year in the South Pole.

Exactly when?

On December 21 this astronomical observation takes place. Because solar power (the time when the sun is going to appear again from the Earth's surface), it happens when that happens. Calendar year

If you want to be very careful in your observations, the timing of the cold time of 2018 will be the 22:23 Universal Time. It's 5:23 p.m. ET (Canada, United States and Latin America). EarthSky has an exchange conversion website for your time zone. You can try on the conversion chart in WorldTimeBuddy.

What can happen for even the winter?

We experience experiences at this time on Earth as the Earth moves in its rotating axis. As the sun moves around the sun, winters feel in every sense. It is wintered when the sun rises from the sun during the summer.

Wait. Why

Scientists are not sure how this happened. However, as the Solar System evolved many centuries ago, the earth was subjected to a violent collision.

Do we mark other seasonal conversions?

While the rays of the sun are above the equator, spring and fall are equal on both sides. We'll have the same night and day. In the summer, the sun's rays are through the Troopic Cancer, our longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and summer.

Then what happens with this moon?

In the last year of our year we will be less than a day after the extermination. And again, EarthSky says that it will reach 17:49 on Saturday and Saturday at 17:49 (12:49 p.m. ET).

However, when you look to the clear sky on Friday night, the moon will be visible to you, and people with good light can read it.

If you wonder how pleasant this ice cream is, it will be 2029 before it happens again. So this is not a single lifetime event, but you do not see it often.

What's up now about that meteor

Annual energy production a day after the synthesis will increase to 2 times. You can see up to 10 "shoot stars" per hour depending on your location.
Inside in the Sky is a great feature that helps you find out how many meters you want to meet and where you're going. For example, people in South Florida can expect at least seven hours per hour. People in Alaska are expected to wait seven hours a day.

A warning: the cold moon disappears, which will generate some meteorites that make it difficult for them to be hardened.

Winter Unconventional Methods and Celebrations

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanasa, or pagan celebrations – the sun's return and the days to come.

The ancient peoples who depended on precise knowledge of seasonal cycles marked the first day of winter with large crowds and celebrations. Spiritually, these celebrations are refreshing, renouncing old habits and negative feelings and embracing hope in the darkness that begins to grow again and again.

Many symbols and ceremonies of the ancient symbols live today. Here are five unusual places where you have fun over a long night in winter:

United Kingdom: Cornwall and Storage

The city of Penzance, on the southwestern coast of London, has revived a well-known range of Cornish solutions that lasted until December 21. Monolt Festival, Pagan Customs, New Christmas traditions Once in all, Karshvall is normal.

Take part in the Carolin and other events first of the week. Make this the most popular jasmine of your choice here. Guise, dressed in dress and other "topsee turvy" based on the traditional dress of the nineteenth century, made poor "mock pose".

You can also receive your finisher for torchtytimes. Excursions The churches around the city are being destroyed.

Along with some planning, it is also possible to make a trip to Stanhanch, the UK's most famous centennial celebrations. During the winter season, visitors will have a chance to get into a crude entrance.

The journey from Penzance to Stonehenburg takes more than four hours. This can be used to spend the night in the night of December 20 at the nearest Salzburg of Stanzen and awakening the awakening awakening early in the morning.

Swadan: Santa Lucia, Eulus, Aurora Boralalees

Sweden is rich in rich traditions. In ancient European festivals in northern Europe, it attracts modern festivals as part of the celebration. This includes bonfire, dishes, alcohol and storytelling stories.

A great place to experience all these traditions is an open-air, biographical museum that represents Sweden's life before the Industrial Revolution and the characters wearing in the era.
For Arctic Circle To see the northern lights of Swedish lapland you can be amazed at this seasonal interplanet line and darkness for Arctic Circle. The Apollo National Park is the perfect destination for the Arco Sky Station.

Another is the hamlet of jaczjjvivi. Here you can stay in Ishotelal. This gives local guides to help coconut oils. Take a dog sled or small mobile tour, and then gloat with a glee drink.

ICEHOTELMarknadswan 63, 981 91 Juc√°zjarvi, Sweden; +46 980 668 00

Mexico: Maya's land

Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico, once in ancient times, temples, pyramids, which was the great center of science and astronomy in Mexico. 365 Steps (one each year) are a good example of the Kookkakkan temple, the attractive attraction of Maya and the astronomical experiment. It is the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Chichen Itza is two and a half hours from Kanken. If you plan to conduct a guided tour, select tour operators who work with local Maya communities and use expert guides.

Private tours are another option. Although cheaper, they give them a more thorough experience and can lead to experts. Sacred Earth Juris is a recommended company offering private tours to visit the site.

IndiaMakar Sankranti and wind festivals

Unlike other places in the north pole of the month of December, Makar Sankranti, one of the most important festivals celebrated in Hindu India by Hindu Hindu rituals of India on January 14,

Basically, it is a celebration of the journey of the sun to the northern hemisphere, and the long lasting days fall into the winter, which can cause a good harvest. But it is associated with Makar Sankranti and other themes. Strong Family Relations have the opportunity to avoid negative and to refresh the new life.

Different regions have different names for the festive season, celebrating different types of ways, usually the Bonfire Pyres, the Feast, the Song, and the Prayer. The pilgrimage to the holy river Ganga is a day of spiritual cleansing.

Another important festivities associated with Makara culture today are festivals. The celebrations are held in Jaipur, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Kite manufacturers participate in public discussions in connection with the festival. From the balcony, the stadium, the parks and the beaches, the vast expanse of the vast expanse of balloons is rapidly colored.

Kanda: Lantor Festival in Wangkaw

Winter Solar's Lantur Festival, Vancouver, is an exciting celebration of the Extrasior traditions around the world. The Seattle Lantor Society is home to many music, dance, food and broad light line broadcasting in the Canadian neighborhoods.

To organize areas for important events, the Granville Island and Dr. Sun Yatsen is also a classical Chinese garden. African, Gypsy, First Dance Dance Performance, and Roundhouse Community Art and Ration Center from Jazz to traditional beauty song to music.

One of the best parts here is: The whole atmosphere and neighbors in lander-messenger workshops at Vancouver host. For a relatively small price, you can create and decorate your own lamp to participate in a number of processes across the city on 21st of December. It will lead to indoor venues where music, dance and arts are.

This article refers to the materials from two previous CNN travel stories and updates them in 2018.

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