Thursday , September 29 2022

Will HIV be beaten soon? You will find a way to remove the infected people


Researchers have discovered the behavior of different subtypes of CW4 cells in the Pastor Institute (researchers) who discover a new way to eliminate immune system viruses (HIV). Metabolism

Antitroviral therapies that are used today are designed Prevent infection HIV, But they can not avoid the virus Body Virus Reservoir and CD4T Lymphocytes are immune to the main symptoms of HIV. Because of this, other infected patients will continue their whole life.

However, the virus does not affect all CD4 cells, which is why the cause is unknown.

Asier Sáez-Cirión, Student Coordinator

Because of some precautionary virus, & # 39; ex vivo & # 39; s to exclude the reservoirs of viruses infotrovirt treatment. We have noticed.

Asier Sáez-Cirión, Student Coordinator

HIV Liability

Identifying the nature of the CD4s, scientists have discovered it Metabolism Cells, especially glucose intake, help to increase the virus.

The more distinctive or the more familiar CD 4 is doing more. Virus It is important for high-performance cells In order to increase metabolism, it enables the energy and products that the cell provides.

This requirement is a weakness in the virus and can be exploited to deal with infected cells. Scientists They were able to stop the infection & # 39; ex vivo & # 39; for inhibitors of already metabolic activities already tested for cancer; (Ie outside of a living organism).

"We have discovered that some receptors in the reservoirs for viral insulinic viral treatments have been discontinued and viruses are not affected," coordinator Aceyer said in a statement. Ceres-ciron.

This study opens the way for viewing a possible solution of viruses Removal of Reservoir Cells. The next phase of the research will reveal the possibilities of this metabolic blood pressure to a & # 39; Will be included.

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