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Who is the police chief Ramon Falcoan, who was killed by the bomb about 109 years ago?


Ramon Lorenzo or Falcon The city was born on August 30, 1855 in Buenos Aires. 15am entered the Military CollegeIt was when Dominco was the president of Fastini Sarmino. Three years later, he completed his international career Designed campaignThere he got a drive. In 1898, he retired from the post of Colonel.

On November 14 of that year, he left the Rekota Cemetery to his car after pushing his debris. Antonio Ballow, A former jail director died of cardiac arrest. When the car reached south, Simon Radovicechi, a young driver who was hit by a bomber, was killed by Colonel Juan Alberto Lardigou, coachman. Falcon, seriously injured, died on the way to hospital.

"The funk's tomb made a game with someone like his secretary. At the entrance to the main entrance, it is located at the corner of Ascunaga and Winen Lopez. At the same time the blast is ongoing. These people think that they want to stay in the graveyard"Explains historian Edward Lassazar.

He added: "Anarchists will not always appear in these days and even in Simeon's death. They were always propagandaNot long after the afternoon. It's not easy to think of these episodes in the 70's. It is good to know what's going on, because it's not normal to travel with bombs on this result. "

He was ordered to evacuate families from 1907They refused to follow a single price inflation used by their landlords. The workers expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of government intervention in the management of housing and living conditions. Slogan "Overthrow the Innovation", The families that do not count dozens get out of the streets.

Firefans from Fire city were required by firefighters They use high pressure to reduce the protesters with ice water. Later the big eviction was done. Employees living in the streets again set up camps. Anarchist organizations of that period.

"On this date, when Simon (Radovitzki) broke on February 26, 1956, They were not always featured as anarchists during this time. The fact that everything written on the walls of the record cemetery has not already been done with this fact. "The historian explained.

On 1 May 1909 the week that began the project of anarchists to kill Falcon. That day started "The Red Week"Where is Twelve workers died and 80 wounded In the lead up to a new demonstration, the police chief calls for anarchists, after a crackdown FORA (Regional Workers Federation in Argentina) in Plaza Loria.

Workers' General Union (UGT)For the first time in Argentinean history, the state came down to discuss with the labor group. In that week, Over 200,000 strikers survived repressive pressure. It has closed down local workers and supporters. Any kind of meeting or meeting is prohibited. The strike started in federal capital, spread across major cities such as Lazio or La Plata.

Simone Radovitzki criticized workers against brutal oppression with a phalkon personality. Bomb was responsible for his death and was a Russian immigrant. After being assaulted, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Ushavai Prison.There he stayed for more than 20 years.

"When is that effect? Reduitsky is the president of the Republic of Poland, Hipolito Yargaon There was a big discomfort Conservative soldiers and colonists gathered together. They were a limit not allowed to go, "he told the Lasari dialog TN.

Fakhon, at the age of 20, made a funeral in the Regalate Cemetery surrounding Ascanuaga Street. Leone Ernst DeVier.

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