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Who are the winners and the losers before leading the polls in the state?


Why? Maxi Peres (@perezmaxi), correspondent NOVA Government House and Legislation

In the senior members of the Buenos Aires province, this silence and terrible internal development are likely to take place next year. Some people think that some will improve their chances of re-opting. Governor Maria Ugenia Vidal In the case of Kambioe in a situation where the economic crisis is deeply rooted.

The governor did not make a clear decision on this issue. But this debate has been held this week in discussion held this week as part of the Seventh Season. Here are some details of how the debates with the national government are discussed in the Fund. More and more polls are going on in 2019. Where elections are one of provocative provocative provinces.

"The new works we hope to bring back to the renovations of the Corbuano Fund, I have told the mayors, I do not like to promise what I can not accomplish, we have to wait to recover that update, so we have a new work," Vidal said. Meet me Gustav CoconutThe communal chief of Tuplak was part of the official visit of the provincial districts.

It's very important to know why this time the President is coming in line with the rosada. It is in the framework of a possibility with the President Mauritius MakriGive a message about freedom and reject it from the responsibilities of the financial crisis.

Pilarppinekkuriccanenkil, the majority of which come in nature, especially in the makriyute turannillenkilum kanbaraneayile the majority of districts could seriously destroy the possibility of a negative image in the selection once again, by mistake, the national pereanisattil person the majority of the opposition are waiting for kambiyameasinre meyarmarkkum And face forward, is to maintain and eliminate the President.

In February, Kambia's campaign team will decide to overtake just the Buenos Aires election. In reality, however, this definition will continue to agitate again and again, within the framework of a national strategy that includes the power of the century Mendoza, Alfredo Kornozo.

Double play in Massimo

The first Spenzal Revenueod for a news newspaper for the polls was to allow those who wish to call positions outside the National Calendar in this situation. Sergio Mas I have asked Videl as a currency to follow the budget.

The deal is not good, common sense is widespread. The best way to change the votes of the Deeptus to accept the "Law of Law" is still not clear on the progress of elections. Leaders in that area seem to have freedom to pay covenants to the areas of Parneism.

Meanwhile, Frente Renovador, the first delivery of the governor's first delegator, George D & # 39; Officer, It does not complete the modification of his intention to compete, but his bench is one of the most active members of the provincial government with strong criticism and sympathy for the post-Opposition.

Against opposition

If there are complicated engineering subjects for electoral processes, the provincial province in its history requires players, testimonials, entitlement rules, and sheets, paper lists, from top to bottom, sometimes up from bottom to bottom.

In fact, as the advance of the United Nations conventions, Peronism is precisely opposed to a higher electronic engineering prior to the election in the province, as a result of the 2019 victory over Coruñaan Corcuano ticket, rather than dragging its own Nationalist candidate.

Thus, the ballot is in the middle of the bodies, especially the Governor's candidature, and other categories, "tirakkitunna" sad'dhyatayillenn a phalamuntakkan to be proven scientifically, so the whole project planning, fundamental, sheets and lists for next year's elections are very scared, "vaidal morning" to cancel the ideal framework for good The.

So, even one of Peronist's previous candidates Veronika magari, Francisco Durrano o Alberto SamidThey did not even think to discuss this issue. Finally, if there is a debate in the legislature, Cambiemos' desires that are trying to eliminate the Palmo, ie the communes resources will be wasted.

At the same time, you should always question the management and serious acidity initiated by the hardware along with the magic. In the recent weeks, the governor has repeatedly told the media raid that the mayor of San Antonio de Arroyo will be "only appearing on television."

In short, Peronism is close Christina Kirkner All efforts to point out the mistakes of the Buenos Aires government are to be addressed.

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