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When Monsanto bought, 12,000 jobs were abolished

The German group's work, particularly its agricultural subsidiary, will cut 4,100 jobs. Prescription (1,100), in the area of ​​research and development (1,250) and in the production of drugs.

Chemicals and pharmaceutical giants report that it will be eliminated from 10% of its strength, allowing it to save € 2,600 million (around 3,000 million dollars annually). In a statement, he said, "There will be a large proportion of the number of international in Germany."

"Group's new chief executive Werner Booman said this will help build a new base for the beer and improve its performance and flexibility.

In June, the German company sold 63,000 million dollars (54,000 million euros). Gloucestershire was set up to acquire Monsanto.

Two months later, on a judicial basis in San Francisco (United States), Gloucestershire decided that Monsanto should have warned of the cancerous possibility of cancer recombine.

But earlier this month, he was offered $ 289 million to $ 78 million in compensation. The purchase of Monsanto is referred to by its rivals as "the devil's marriage". Bayer, in the center of its strategy, prompted its agricultural and drug use.

That is why the separation from the animal health sector, the smallest group in the group, the two perfectionist courses, the copper test, and the Dr. Decided to sell shoollocks (footwear).

Germany plans to sell 60 per cent stake in the German group's Santero, which operates three chemical plants.

Investors are concerned about this since the court's administration. Workers in the United States and Europe argue that glycosate can cause cancer. Bayer says no scientific studies have been connected.

By the end of last month, 9,300 cases of subsidy glyphosate in the US were facing. However, the group's chief executive, Bowman Monsanto, believes in the coordination.

He admitted that he would be able to file more legal systems, but added that Bayer would "protect themselves with every available means."

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