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What is the Summer Solar System, and when will it happen in Argentina?


December 21, 2018

It is a phenomenon occurring simultaneously in many parts of the world, according to changes in time of time.

This is one Friday, December 21 It's the date Summer That's it This is the longest day of 2018.

The hottest season of everyone starts officially AbsenceOne of the most used social networks in the last hour.

It's about A precise moment of year when the sun is the highest or the lowest in the sky, Which occurs twice a year: June 21 Decide on 21st of December, along with the half-life of summer or winter.

This period is from Latino, which is still translated "sun" and has a maximum peakn Argentina today at 7:23 am.Summer begins officially.

Before that, Google Decided to remember the date of the date Doodle Especially the summer starting graphics.

"The sun is near the sun and the south pole is close to the sun on December 21. The term" solstice "is derived from the Latin sun for" sol "or" stop or stop. " In the southern hemisphere faced the earthen vessel Arise. Crept in winter, the sun is in the north part of the arkkiksinre the majority of the world 24 hours a day. This is a natural wonder known as the San midnan. Everywhere, Johannesburg, jakkarkkum, from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, where people enjoy the extra days, the sun's rays onto the night. "They search engine Writing from the stands.

Weather Forecast, December 21 Friday

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