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What is the most advanced program?

At the theme of the journalist cycle, the central theme of "Operation Unlishment" by Christina Kerner. The Gmail Baron driver came from Tellef Cycle Indonesia.

The battle for war against George Lennett was a year later in "Port El Mardo" and "PPT". Which program is most viewed?

Junior and Christina Kerner's Operation Approval & # 39; Was. Jemena Baron is going to be a guest on the Telephon cyclone Indonesia.

Laeta's Classic Morocco, which faced the "PPP" election, began in the 13.1 star's "popular fair price". The 13 th journalist, Lenatec, has got 14 points in a very good night with the hand of "Porl Mundo".

The initial monologue lasted for 40 minutes. He only finished in the 37th minute with a tally from 13.6 to 13.4. During the investigation, they called "Operation Aphytheism", although the cycle led them slightly differentiated with travel documents.

At 11 o'clock the two programs reached 13.4. Then, for "the world", it reached a two-point margin of 13.8 to 11.8. The maximum "PPT" was 15.5, which is definitely the highest ever. The Marali cycle reached the level of 14.5.

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