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What is Boca claiming before Taska?

So, beyond that Xeneize Madrid will play on Sunday, December 9. Compell Appeal will continue for seven days for appeal in the court. This supports the decision of the usual disciplinary action. Y Arbitration for sports is decided to go to court, the famous TAS, a freestyle Supreme Court judge of FIFA.

What is Boca now getting in TAS? Can you reverse the negative result on the desktop? "If you try to play directly with Boba, the result has not changed, you have to be modified", Underlined German RamirezLawyer and Advocate before sports law and former Law Board of San Lorenzo Infobox.

The Constitutional Amendment does not have time to change because the appellation of the appeal is not suspended. Time limits for determining the TAS since December 9th "Ramaz added.

In effect, TAS extended the time; It is an example by example. In February 2018, Arbitration for Deportivo Riostra Sports went to court and 10 points were restored. The DFCA disciplinary committee of the Department of Disciplinary Committee was removed in the name of the match held in the match against Barcelona. However, in June, the Tata authorities failed to compensate for the Basso Flores club.

Ie: after the court's verdict, Guillermo Barroso Schelotto set seventh Libertadores turf. If it falls, the result will not be taken back. Yes, you will get that penalty He further guesses what Boca believes.

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